Overcoming Resistance to Change with EFT Tapping: Need to Get Motivated

I Need to Get Motivated – Overcoming Resistance to Change with EFT Tapping Therapy Videos

overcoming resistance change need get motivated

How can we overcome resistance to change and get motivated to do our EFT tapping?

Overcoming resistance to change and transformation is the hot topic right now in our Gold membership group for advanced EFT tappers. We had so many requests for help to overcome resistance to change that I decided to dedicate this week’s EFT tapping video release to this great topic: Overcoming Resistance to Change with EFT Tapping When I Need to Get Motivated.

We have FIVE fantastic advanced Emotional Freedom Technique videos this week to help you overcome resistance to change and satisfy your need to get motivated. Here are summaries of these powerful EFT tapping videos:

1. EFT Tapping Video #1: When EFT Tapping Does Not Seem to Be Working – Is EFT Tapping A Scam?

As we all know, EFT tapping often delivers surprisingly fast and dramatic results. However, when we are feeling tremendous resistance to change, we may find that our results from tapping are lackluster. This is a great time to tap about tapping so that we can overcome this resistance to change! Let’s uncover the secret reasons why we don’t really want to get motivated, even though we say we need to get motivated. You may also enjoy and find inspiration in this article about “Is EFT Tapping A Scam?”

2. EFT Tapping Video #2: Clearing Clutter – Overcoming Resistance to Change in the Form of Clutter

One of the subtle ways our resistance to change shows up is in our physical environment. Are you letting clutter accumulate in your living space? Haven’t got around to paying those bills? Don’t get motivated to work out and find yourself procrastinating at home in a messy room? It’s oh so tempting to take the path of least resistance at this moment!

Yeah, we know the feeling lol :) Clutter is actually a physical symptom of resistance to change. When we need to get motivated and overcome resistance to change, often the first best step is clearing the clutter in our home. So this advanced EFT tapping therapy video #2 is dedicated to clearing clutter.

3. EFT Tapping Video #3: Overcoming Resistance to Change (Resistance to Physical Relationships)

This advanced EFT Tapping Techniques video is devoted to overcoming resistance to physical relationships. Our resistance to change can easily manifest in our relationships. We may again be tempted to take the path of least resistance and sit at home not challenging our comfort zone. This EFT tapping therapy video will help to overcome that resistance to change.

4. EFT Tapping Video #4: Hitting A Dead End – Overcoming Resistance to Change

When we most need to get motivated is when we feel least motivated, at least that’s how it often goes. This advanced EFT tapping video #4 will help when it feels like you have hit a dead end. Often that seeming “dead end” is really just our subconscious mind playing tricks on us. Often if we can get motivated to do our Emotional Freedom Technique when faced with a seeming dead end, we may suddenly find ourselves in the midst of a quantum leap. True story!

For a great example of this persistence in overcoming resistance to change: Read about How Erika Awakening almost gave up on her business right before it succeeded here.

5. EFT Tapping Video #5: I Feel Stuck Life – How to Get Motivated Again

When we are feeling stuck, how do we get motivated again? The paradox here is that we don’t even feel motivated to do what would help to get us unstuck lol :) Which of course is doing our EFT tapping. So start with this advanced Emotional Freedom Technique video if you feel so stuck that you don’t even want to tap at all. Even just a few minutes of EFT tapping is sure to help us in overcoming resistance to change and getting the motivation we need.

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