Clearing Overwhelm with EFT Tapping Therapy Techniques

When You Feel Overwhelmed, EFT Tapping Therapy Techniques Can Restore A Sense of Calm Overwhelm is epidemic in our society these days … Many people are over-committed, busy beyond belief, and constantly being asked to add more to their plates … Continue reading

Releasing the Anger that Separates Us

When Anger is Putting Walls Between You and Other People – EFT Tapping to Release the Separation Anger Anger is one of the biggest blocks to getting everything we want in our lives. Just today I was working with one … Continue reading

When You Have Unexpected Expenses: EFT Tapping for Money

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“I Don’t Know Where the Money Is Going to Come From” – EFT Financial Abundance

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When You Set Your Goal Too High

Do you feel paralyzed or overwhelmed because you set your goal too high? It is a very common problem in self-development that people set too high a goal for themselves … and then get overwhelmed and paralyzed because the goal … Continue reading

Holistic Money, Being A Visionary, Feeling Misunderstood – More EFT Tapping

Hi, and welcome back to our returning members. If you are not yet a member of our powerful EFT tapping video club, click here to join. As most of you know, I have been dealing with a major health crisis … Continue reading

Quantum Leap: Taking Your Life to the Next Level with EFT Tapping Techniques

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Ending self-punishment: How to NOT punish yourself anymore so you can make more money

Do you punish yourself in one area of your life when another area of your life starts to thrive? You can make more money by ending self-punishment now. This is a really common pattern of self-punishment and self-sabotage that many … Continue reading

Increase Your Cash Flow with EFT Tapping by Erika Awakening

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All-Star Teleworkshops, Attract Money Miracle with Erika Awakening, plus Sonia Choquette, Mantak Chia, Diana Cooper, Judy Hall, and More

All-Star Teleworkshops, Attract Money Miracle with Erika Awakening, plus Sonia Choquette, Mantak Chia, Diana Cooper, Judy Hall, and More  Are you ready to turn your life around with an all-star line-up of rock star spiritual teachers and healers, including Erika … Continue reading