Ending self-punishment: How to NOT punish yourself anymore so you can make more money

Do you punish yourself in one area of your life when another area of your life starts to thrive? You can make more money by ending self-punishment now.

Ending self-punishment

End self-punishment and self-sabotage to make more money

This is a really common pattern of self-punishment and self-sabotage that many people struggle with over and over again. Most of us have an emotional set-point. We only allow ourselves to have a certain amount of goodness and happiness. So if an area of our lives that has not been going well suddenly has a breakthrough, we may find that the “other shoe will drop.” We may suffer a setback in another area of our lives. You may actually punish yourself because deep down you don’t really believe you deserve this much success. This pattern of self-punishment and self-sabotageis EXTREMELY frustrating.

Until Holistic Belief Reprogramming, we had no good way of changing these deep-seated subconscious patterns of self-punishment. Now we do have an effective way of ending self-punishment.

People have been asking me what I did to make $40,000+ this past week. As I have revealed, my cash flow had slowed down a lot over the summer while I was focused on resolving things in one of my relationships. At some level, I was distracted. At another level, I may have been punishing myself. It was important that I increase my cash flow again to pay my bills, so I used the same EFT tapping and intuitively guided personal development techniques that I always use. These are tried and true personal development techniques that have brought more than $300,000 into my business already this year.

Today’s Gold membership video is one of the new money-generating membership videos that I created to get my cash flow back on track. In these advanced EFT tapping therapy videos, we remove the blocks to receiving cash flow and turn on our intuition. One of the very common blocks that people have is self-punishment or self-sabotage. Today’s video will erase this pattern of self-punishment and self-sabotage out of your subconscious mind so you can receive the success and goodness you truly deserve.

After I created this and a few other new money videos that I will be releasing over the next few weeks, my intuition told me to send coaching offers to a small group of people. To a person, everyone I emailed said “yes” to my coaching offers. This was supplemented by other cash coming in through product sales. The net result: More than $40,000 was sent to me in just eight days. That is a very fast turnaround of my cash flow situation. Anyone can do this. But you must change your subconscious mind to become congruent with this level of abundance (How to Attract Money). And you must remove the tendency to punish yourself when life starts to feel good.

I hope you enjoy this new “end the self-punishment” video, and I expect to be releasing more of the new money videos soon :)


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