Increase Your Cash Flow with EFT Tapping by Erika Awakening

Cash Flow Increase Needed? Learn How to Use EFT Tapping with Erika Awakening to Increase Your Cash Flow Now

Increase Your Cash Flow with EFT Tapping by Erika Awakening

Increase Your Cash Flow with EFT Tapping by Erika Awakening

People have been asking me what I did to make $40,000+ this week. “How can I improve my own personal cash flow?” they asked. My money cash flow had slowed down substantially in July and August while I was focused on other things. When I decided it was time to increase my cash flow again, I used the same EFT tapping and intuitive techniques that I always use. These are proven techniques that have brought more than $300,000 into my business this year.

You can increase your cash flow too! All it requires is learning some basic EFT tapping skills for how to attract money.

Today’s Gold membership video is one of the new EFT tapping for money videos I created to get my cash flowing again. We simply remove the blocks to receiving cash flow and turn on our intuition. After I created this and a few other new EFT tapping for money videos that will be released soon, my intuition told me to send coaching offers to a handful of people. Every single one of them said yes to my offers. In addition, another long-term client emailed me out of the blue and asked to sign up for 20 more sessions with me. He wire transferred me the full payment this week. So far in just a week, over $35,000 has been sent to me, and another $6000 is due in the next few days. That is a very fast turnaround of a financial situation, and it is possible for anyone. But you must change your belief system to become congruent with this level of abundance (How to Attract Money).

Increase your cash flow, improve your own personal cash flow … do it now by signing up for these awesome EFT tapping for money videos.

I hope you enjoy this new “increase your cash flow” video, and I expect to be releasing more of the new money videos soon :)


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