What Is Ring Pass Not?

How to Overcome “Ring Pass Not” with EFT Tapping What the heck is “ring pass not” anyway? … sounds like some kind of fantasy thriller concept like from Lord of the Rings …. and in a way it is … … Continue reading

Do you Dare to Be Happy?

Hey Everyone, I’ve got an awesome new EFT tapping video for you today!! It’s surprisingly simple … it’s the Dare to Be Happy video. So often, we allow ourselves to get caught up in gossip, naysaying, drama, criticizing, judging, and … Continue reading

Magnetizing your Twin Flame

All right, this powerful EFT tapping video really is intended to be part of a future product (which is now released – my Secret Revolutionary product) … But … I couldn’t help myself, and I pre-released this EFT tapping video … Continue reading

Reprogram “Negative Mind Movies”

Do you notice yourself getting emotionally “triggered” and replaying the same old “negative mind movie” again and again? The same old argument, drama, conflict, or negative outcome, and it seems totally beyond your control? Are you ready to transform all … Continue reading

Attracting magnificent partnerships

Many of us spent much of our lives “trying to do it all by ourselves.” After a while, it gets demoralizing and exhausting … doesn’t it? Ever notice how much more enjoyable it is to SHARE a magnificent sunset, or … Continue reading

Healing a sense of separation

One of our TAPsmarter Gold members requested a video for healing a sense of separation from the world around us. This is what she said: Erika, The EFT tapping video on Clearing the “Scientific mindset” (i.e. the Newtonian, works-like-clockwork) is … Continue reading

Advanced EFT tapping video for reducing drama and conflict in your life

After I published this article about adopting a “no drama” policy, one of our members requested an EFT tapping video to help with these issues. As it turned out, when I saw his request, I had just recorded this EFT … Continue reading

Do you have a “no drama” policy?

Adopting A No Drama Policy for All of Our Relationships with EFT Tapping Emotional Freedom Technique Thanks for all the fantastic feedback on and requests for EFT tapping videos for the Gold membership.  Thanks to your participation, we will have … Continue reading

EFT tapping video from Erika Awakening to release sexual guilt from your life

Hey everyone, In my years of coaching private clients (read more about private coaching here), there are some requests that I get over and over again from many different people … this is one of them: “Please help me get … Continue reading