Attracting magnificent partnerships

Many of us spent much of our lives “trying to do it all by ourselves.”

Creating magnificent partnerships

Creating magnificent partnerships

After a while, it gets demoralizing and exhausting … doesn’t it?

Ever notice how much more enjoyable it is to SHARE a magnificent sunset, or a humorous moment, or a beautiful glass of wine WITH someone rather than by yourself?

Don’t get me wrong, solitude has its pleasures, and I still love my alone time. But one of the things I’ve been thinking about a lot over the past few months is limiting beliefs standing in the way of great partnerships. So I started creating EFT tapping videos to address this issue.

And already I’m seeing the seeds of some really wonderful partnerships popping up out of the ground all around me …

I also think the partnership (of equals) model is going to become increasingly important as global consciousness is shifting. Hierarchy and bureaucracy don’t cut it anymore, in the world we are moving into now. This means that the intimacy skills that are required for thriving co-creator relationships are going to become more and more important.

Why not be ahead of the curve and tap your way through this video now? :)


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