Are you listening to your Messages from the Universe? Increase Your Intuition

How to Increase Your Intuition with Advanced EFT Tapping Techniques from Erika Awakening

increase your intuitionDo you realize that the Universe is constantly talking to you, and that your life will be about 1000 times easier if you start listening?

There’s that quiet little voice again. Today it told me to look out my kitchen window. Lo and behold, my car parked out on the street here in San Francisco was about to be towed! I kid you not. I ran downstairs and avoided getting a parking ticket or a tow by moving my car immediately. I was listening to that quiet little voice inside … the voice I often used to ignore … until my near-death experience.

This Voice is your intuition. Do you know how to increase your intuition?

If you increase your intuition, miracles will start happening for you. Do you know that this Voice of Intuition can solve all of your problems, and prevent you from creating new ones? That it will show you how to become financially abundant and how to become happy and free? That most people’s problems are the result of not listening …

Increase your intuition and watch all your problems get solved, fast!

In this advanced EFT tapping Emotional Freedom Technique video, Erika Awakening talks about how the Universe was SCREAMING at her right before her near-death experience, but how she was too immersed in ego consciousness to listen … nearly costing her life.

And how, by learning to listen, she recently saved her brand new MacBook Pro (which otherwise might have been lost forever) …

You can increase your intuition and save yourself so much time and money and aggravation, starting with this EFT tapping therapy video


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