Embrace unpredictability to receive more miracles with EFT tapping

How Can EFT Tapping Help Me Embrace Unpredictability and Receive More Miracles?

embrace unpredictability and receive more miracles eft tappingSo often we resist unpredictability instead of embracing the unknown. We want so desperately to know WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN NEXT. If things become very uncertain, we may tend to feel panicky and want to reassert our tight control over everything that is happening.

This may be blocking abundance and blocking miracles.

I learned from Deepak Chopra the power of embracing uncertainty. If we want to be receiving more miracles, we must embrace the unknown. We must let go of control. We must let go and let God.

What is a Miracle?

Well, by definition, a miracle is a departure from the past, right? We call it a miracle because it defies our usual expectations …

Given that, can you see how a rigidly controlling mindset that hates unpredictability is a block to miracles?

A Course in Miracles talks about this in many different ways … how we must let go of the reality we created in order to make room for miracles … and yet our ego persuades us that change and unpredictability are “dangerous” and scary. Thus, we cling on to our current reality in conscious and unconscious ways, rather than being open to the possibility that CHANGE IS GOOD, and a Higher Intelligence KNOWS what changes are best for us, so we do not need to be in tight control of these changes.

If we are rigidly attached to the way things are, then there is no room for more money to come into our life. There is no room for a seemingly “hopeless” relationship to improve.

Being open to unpredictability and receiving miracles greatly enhances our level of DELIGHT in life … recently I manifested a brand new car … but this was not through some kind of “linear” process. Rather, the Universe delivered me a series of almost unbelievable synchronicities that led to me having a new car AND more money in my pocket. My conscious mind could never have planned anything so perfect … only surrender to the Divine can orchestrate miracles this magnificent.

So … this video will help you let go of fear.


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