Invoking the Power of Ganesh to Remove Obstacles from Your Life

Today I’m happy to announce the release of the first of the Bonus Videos to be given at no additional charge to all members of my 30-Day Abundance Challenge (if you haven’t joined this powerful program yet, How to Attract Money).

On Day 15 of the Abundance Challenge, we invoked the Goddess energy of Lakshmi:

This proved to be so powerful that I decided to create this powerful and playful new video as a complement to the Lakshmi video …

Lakshmi — as a powerful feminine woman — never tries to do everything all by herself lol … this is why she is always pictured with her faithful elephant friends … Ganesh is the elephant-headed Remover of Obstacles, and he is always at Lakshmi’s service, making sure the path is clear for abundance to flow to her easily and effortlessly.

Whether man or woman, we carry all of these energies within us, and in these videos, we invoke these energies as a way of tapping in to our personal power.

So here’s to the God Ganesh that already resides within you … Enjoy!! :)



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