When You Are Failing to See the Easy Answer

When You Fail to See the Easy Answer – Remove Your Blinders Sometimes in life we have blinders on our eyes.  The “easy answer” to whatever problem we might have is already there … and we just are not seeing … Continue reading

When You Have Unexpected Expenses: EFT Tapping for Money

How to Use EFT Tapping for Money When You Have Unexpected Expenses Our Gold members gave me some great feedback about our last money-creating video– it was a big hit. So today I am releasing another money-generating EFT tapping video. … Continue reading

“I Don’t Know Where the Money Is Going to Come From” – EFT Financial Abundance

When you don’t know where the money is going to come from – how do you use EFT tapping for EFT financial abundance? A concern that I hear frequently from people who are just getting started with my powerful EFT … Continue reading

Free EFT Tapping YouTube Video for Releasing Anger | Erika Awakening

Releasing Anger with EFT Tapping: Free Emotional Freedom Technique YouTube Video from Erika Awakening As many of you know, I am excited to release three new 30-Day Challenges this month, the first of which is the 30-Day Anger Cleansing Challenge. … Continue reading

Resurrecting Hopeless Relationships: Yes, It Is Possible with EFT Tapping Videos

Are there some relationships in your life that you believe are hopeless? Nothing will ever work to heal them and you have completely given up? Let’s try EFT Tapping Videos One of many results I have achieved with Holistic Belief … Continue reading

Losing Weight with EFT Tapping and Holistic Belief Reprogramming

Hi, this post has moved … Yes I want to learn about EFT Tapping for Weight Loss

Clear Overwhelm and Recover From A Crisis with EFT Tapping

Hi, and welcome back to our returning members. If you are not yet a member of our powerful EFT tapping video club, click here to join. Today’s topic is Clear Overwhelm and Recover From A Crisis With EFT Tapping. For … Continue reading

New Videos for Our Gold Members

Hi, and welcome to everyone who is a new member of this website. Welcome back to our returning members. As many of you know, I have been dealing with a very serious crisis the past week with my cat Fritz. … Continue reading

Prayers for Healing: Announcing the Health, Fitness & Beauty Challenge

How to Get Our Prayers for Healing Answered with Miracles Many people are frustrated that their prayers for healing seem to go unanswered. For several years now, I have been blogging about how EFT tapping can assist with physical healing. … Continue reading