Seminar participant gets major publishing contract from our Erika Awakening EFT tapping for the Maximize Your Life Summit

Attract money with Erika AwakeningSo I told you I had a big miracle to report arising out of my Maximize Your Abundance free workshop for the Maximize Your Life Summit with Judy Anderson. And here it is. A holistic veterinarian who had struggled to get published … tapped along with our free workshop … and lo and behold, got a book contract with a major publishing house and a generous advance. All because she tapped along to our free workshop. Pretty amazing, yes? :) Now, before you read on, there is going to be a surprise replay of our free teleseminar on Monday, November 19.

Although this Summit is no longer available, you can still:

How to Attract Money

And here is this truly amazing testimonial that was sent to Judy Anderson about our workshop:

Hi Judy,

I wanted to send you a note of thanks for the Maximize Your Life series. It has been so much fun, and the speakers have been terrific!

But for me, Erika Awakening’s How to Attract Money was the standout. I learned EFT (tapping) in 1999. I use it all the time, and I know it works. But Erika’s session was a blockbuster! I’ve been tapping on prosperity and abundance for years, and it has definitely improved my financial situation (though it still has a long way to go for real security). Erika Awakening cut to the heart of the deep-down blockages, and helped me get clarity on issues I had not thought of since childhood. If you had asked me before, I would have said that my family didn’t have money problems…but my parents were teenagers during the Great Depression, so you know that they had money concerns! Erika Awakening helped me understand, and more importantly, tap on and release, those limiting beliefs.

I have listened to and worked with many EFT practitioners, but Erika Awakening’s down-to-earth style and keen insight were unlike anything I’ve ever heard before. It was absolutely the best, deepest, and most powerful tapping program I have ever done.

One of the most profound insights I gained was about money simply being energy. I’ve heard that before, and I thought I understood it. But Erika Awakening talked about what happens with a single $20 bill…if I spend it on something, the person that gets that $20 spends it on something else, then the next person receives and spends it…and soon that $20 has turned into massive income for many people. Money really *is* infinite!

Erika Awakening also did a tapping sequence on how people do bad things with money, therefore we are afraid to have more money because we could do bad things with it. I hadn’t realized how much that belief was holding me back, and that turned out to be a really important blockage to clear.

I listened to that replay over and over. Sometimes I paused the audio and tapped on specific memories that came up. I tapped and tapped and tapped. And then things started shifting!

I’m a writer, and I had given my agent a book proposal many months ago. She shopped it around; but after some initial interest, nothing came of it. At this point, I was convinced that the project would never happen. Then came the “Maximize Your Life Summit”! I listened to Erika Awakening and did a ton of tapping. After several times going through it, I felt that I had cleared some really big blocks. But I had no clue what would come of it, and certainly no hint of how fast it would happen!

A few days later, I got an email from my agent saying that a large publishing house made an offer on our proposal that included an enormous advance as well as royalties! Holy guacamole! I am just blown away!

Best of all, now that I really truly know that there’s no limit, I can keep tapping–and be totally confident that even more miracles are on their way!

So I can’t thank you enough, Erika Awakening and thank you Judy! Money Miracles are real, and Erika is helping people manifest them! It’s awesome!


Thank you for sharing, Jean!! We are thrilled to hear about your publishing contract! And for those who are not yet signed up, you have only a few days left.

Although this opportunity has passed, you can learn more about EFT tapping for money and EFT financial abundance by clicking here.


erika awakening

p.s. Although this Summit is no longer available, you can still:

How to Attract Money

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