EFT Tapping Videos for Not Feeling Social, Seeing the Other Perspective, Getting Community Support

Hi, and welcome back to our returning TAPsmarter.com Gold Club members. If you are not yet a member of our powerful EFT tapping with Erika Awakening video club … click here to get instant access to powerful Emotional Freedom Technique videos. We took a bit of a break for the American Thanksgiving holiday. So to make up for lost time, today’s THREE EFT tapping videos from Erika Awakening will help you with not feeling social, seeing the other person’s perspective, and getting more community support.

Not feeling social

Not feeling social right now?

For the first EFT tapping video, Not Feeling Social, I offer a similar perspective as I did to the Resistance to Going to the Gym video that I released a few weeks ago. If you are not feeling social, you may be judging yourself for this and thinking that you have to FORCE yourself to go out and be social. Not necessarily. With Holistic Belief Reprogramming, we always want to take a deeper look. As I wrote about recently on the PostFeminine blog, the Universe may actually have a very good reason for you to be less social right now (read more here). Fighting against your authentic feelings may be counterproductive. So this video about Not Feeling Social will help you get more clarity about what is really motivating you at a deeper level, and then you can make better choices about your next best steps.

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The second EFT tapping video will help you release resistance to seeing the other person’s perspective in any situation.

And the third EFT tapping video will help you enlist more community support in any situation.

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The topics for these three EFT tapping videos are:

1. Not Feeling Social

2. Seeing the Other Person’s Perspective

3. Getting More Community Support


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