EFT Financial Abundance: Clearing Fear of Making More Money Because of “What Happened the Last Time”

EFT Financial Abundance Video for Letting Go of Fear from Bad Past Experiences

How to Attract Money You can learn how to remove blocks to abundance and how to attract money with advanced EFT tapping from Erika AwakeningEFT financial abundance is so important for helping us feel happy with our financial situation. A very common reason why some people push away financial abundance is that they have associated money with “bad things happening.” EFT financial abundance videos from Erika Awakening can help remove these blocks to abundance.

For example, if they had a lot of money but lost it all, if someone died or left them when they had more money, or if money in the past came along with lots of headaches … then it’s pretty easy to see why a person would no longer trust having money and sabotage it every time they start to have more.

This EFT financial abundance advanced tapping video was inspired by one of our members who shared her experience in our Facebook coaching group of how something bad happened the last time she had more money, thus blocking her subconsciously from having more now.

This is a bonus video for the 30-Day Abundance Challenge Product.

Get instant access to this advanced EFT tapping financial abundance video and the other 30 life-changing Abundance Challenge videos:

How to Attract Money


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