Releasing Impatience with EFT Tapping When It Feels like “Nothing is Happening”

Use EFT Tapping Techniques to Release Impatience When It Feels Like Nothing is Happening

release impatience eft tapping therapy techniquesWhen attempting to apply the Law of Attraction, many people get frustrated and impatient with the process.

At times, even when we are doing everything right, we may be in a “gestational” phase, and it may appear on the surface that very little is happening.

Are you trying to “watch the pot boil” and thinking “it will never happen”?

Do not be deceived!!

Just like the ocean, when you look at the surface of your life, you are not seeing the vast sea of life and change that is occurring underneath the surface … and if you allow yourself to get into the downward spiral of frustration, impatience, and angry declarations that “it’s not working” … you are, in fact, sabotaging the miracle that you probably would have received … the miracle you may not be able to see right now, which is right around the corner, if only you will KEEP THE FAITH.

That’s why it is so important that we are releasing impatience with EFT tapping.

So often, my own and my clients’ HUGE quantum leaps occurred immediately after a phase when it appeared that “nothing was happening.”

When you are feeling impatient, find hope in this:

My blog sprang up out of nowhere after a two-month period in which I did very little other than sleep and meditate. My business turned around almost overnight last year after a two-month period of intense frustration and nearly giving up completely. And my clients, time and time again, seem to be having very little progress and then suddenly break through their personal barriers to find new love, new sex, new money, new life purpose, new happiness, and new personal power — almost overnight.

This advanced EFT tapping therapy video is the first thing to tap when you find yourself in a place of frustration and impatience. In this Emotional Freedom Technique video, we are releasing impatience with EFT tapping. Learn to release those miracle-blocking emotions and become the midwife of your own miracles.


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