EFT Tapping for Money: Turning Anger into Gold

EFT Tapping for Money – How Can You Turn Your Anger into Financial Abundance?

Hey everyone,

I just love this topic because so many people are afraid of their anger and push it away, not realizing how much POWER they are missing out on! That’s why EFT tapping for money is so very important.

In this short EFT tapping for money Emotional Freedom Technique video clip, which is free to everyone, I share insights about how unresolved anger blocks your MAGNETISM and what to do about it …

This video clip is part of a much longer EFT tapping for money video from Erika Awakening, in which I teach you how to use tapping to clear anger so that all the good things in life — money, love, sex, appreciation — can reach you easily. Do less and accomplish more is our motto here at TAPsmarter.com :)

Here’s what one TAPsmarter.com member had to say about this EFT tapping for money video:

“I have been feeling amazing and more centered.”


“A few weeks ago I was absolutely furious with myself, my life, the Universe and God and I decided to tap this video. Alongside making me feel instantly better it also gave me ideas on what direction I need to go with my own tapping and since applying the insight I have been feeling amazing and more centered and my life has changed for the better.”

– Matthew, TAPsmarter.com Gold video member


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