Your inner guru: How good is your intuition? (and video to improve it)

Increase Your Intuition and Cultivate Your Inner Guru with Advanced EFT Tapping and Emotional Freedom Technique

Something I hear from my clients a lot is that their intuition improved dramatically after doing sessions with me (including their intuition about how to get better results with tapping and what other resources would help them the most in getting results).

This is actually one of the biggest “secrets” of why Holistic Belief Reprogramming is so powerful. We do not try to change our lives “all by ourselves.” Why would we, when we have this magnificent supercomputer called intuition at our disposal, and it can make our job a hundred times easier?

Last year I heard a ski instructor talk about one of his experiences with intuition. He was skiing after a big storm in some deep powder. He came to the edge of a steep slope, and a voice in his head said “Stop.” He pulled up short at the top of the incline. Seconds later, the slope he had almost gone down gave way. But for his intuition, he might have died in an avalanche.

Most of us have had at least a few of these experiences, where we just “knew” something, and it turned out to be correct. We didn’t know how we knew it, and often we didn’t know where the intuition was leading us.

Are you aware that you can have this kind of “knowing” pretty much all the time, if you develop your intuition?

Wouldn’t life be a LOT easier if, instead of being bewildered by the millions of choices and options confronting you every single day, you always intuitive KNEW what to say and do, even if other people thought you were “crazy” or doubted you? And wouldn’t it be incredibly satisfying if, when you looked back months later on the choices you made intuitively, you could see the brilliance of those choices, that they had led you to opportunities you had not even imagined back then?

THIS is the beauty of leading an intuitively guided life. It’s like taking a magic carpet ride.

A Course in Miracles describes it this way:

“All decisions become as easy and as right as breathing. There is no effort, and you will be led as gently as if you were being carried down a quiet path in summer.”

Many people, especially those who have a lot of monkey mind chatter (what I call “spaghetti brain”) are not able to hear their intuition clearly at all.

And even those who have learned to quiet their mind a little bit and can hear their intuition often don’t trust it. Sometimes these people end up beating themselves up later on, saying to themselves, “I knew that I should have acted on that opportunity, but I let my fear get in the way, and now I’m really mad at myself!”

It is not unusual for intuition to give us guidance that sounds “crazy” to our ego mind and to people in the outside world, so it takes some training and experimentation to learn to stay centered and not override your intuition in order to conform or please other people.

The rewards of learning to hear our intuition clearly and follow it are HUGE. Learning this skill can help you thrive in a “bad” economy, navigate conflicts much more easily, discover your true life purpose, and feel a deep sense of connection to life and other people. It also gives you an “inner guru” that you can consult any time you are confused about the issues coming up in your life. You can get very quiet and ask your “inner guru” to guide you … lol :)

In this video, I teach you a basic tapping sequence that you can use to begin getting more deeply in touch with your intuition. If this topic interests you, I teach more advanced techniques for honing your intuition in my 15-Week Miracle coaching program (learn more here), and because intuition is such an incredibly valuable skill for making money, this is one of the ways that your coaching with me can pay for itself if you apply the techniques with commitment.

Let’s get started!


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