Vince Kelvin’s Bootcamp and Summit Special – Opening YOUR Second Chakra to New Levels of Sexual Magnetism

Hey everyone,

I wanted to share some cool stuff that happened last weekend and that is coming up in a few weeks :)

Last weekend, I made a guest appearance at Vince Kelvin’s awesome bootcamp in San Francisco. We had a blast, as you can see in these photographs:

During the bootcamp, I gave a mini-workshop that was a beginner’s experience in Holistic Belief Reprogramming. Specifically, I led the guys through a few tapping sequences designed to get them more in touch with their intuition, integrate their left and right brains, and begin to tap into their true life purpose. Several guys noticed that some pretty intense emotions came up during these sequences, including that several guys teared up during the process. (I do have a reputation for “making guys cry” during my speeches at seduction events :)

erika awakening vince kelvin Here’s a photo of me and the guys :)

I explained during the workshop that it’s very important for this subconscious grief to be brought to the surface and released for a man to tap into his full masculine power. Any unresolved negative subconscious emotions that we fail to address are actually “blocking” our natural magnetism. So the more releasing we do, the more magnetic and charismatic we become.

In addition, when we integrate the right and left hemispheres of the brain through tapping (meditation also helps immensely with this – see my recommendations here), we can dramatically reduce how much fear we are experiencing on a daily basis.

This is why I was not surprised when I received this testimonial after the workshop from one of the guys who participated:

“I’ve been through extensive personal development seminars, including almost everything that [a leading global transformation company] has to offer, and can honestly say that nothing thus-far has been as laser-focused as your session at Vince Kelvin’s seminar (in terms of direct, immediate results).”

He reported that he had a dramatic reduction in his approach anxiety after our workshop, and he signed up for an intro session with me (you can get yours here) so we can do deeper work to clear fear out of his subconscious mind. AWESOME!!

Inspired by this, I have decided to offer a VIP workshop at the PUA Summit this year that will go even beyond what I taught the guys at Vince’s bootcamp. What we are going to do in the VIP workshop is use tapping to go into your subconscious mind and open your second chakra, which is the center of your sexual power. I am very excited to see just how much sexual power we can unleash while we are at the Summit :)

Meet Me Live and In Person (Along with Many of the World’s Most Famous Casanovas) … At the 2011 Pickup Artist World Summit … in Hollywood, California, the weekend of September 24-25, 2011


Hey everyone,

You do not want to miss out on this! For the third year in a row, I will be speaking at this AMAZING event:

2011 Pickup Artist World Summit
Hollywood, California
September 24-25, 2011


erika awakening vince kelvinDozens of the most recognized gurus in the pickup community will be speaking at this stellar two-day event, including:

Erika Awakening (me ;))

Bad Boy

Ross Jeffries


Vince Kelvin


Brad P.

And many, many more gurus will be speaking at this event …

Legendary “Unmatched” Line up: Bringing you the world’s best of the best, all in one room!
Hottest “Babe Packed” Location: Most conducive to same night sex, day game, and night life!
Largest and Most Global Attendance: Over 300 participants last year, from all around the world!
Voted Best organized and Most professional event in whole community! Voted Best Produced DVDs!
In Field Coaching During Breaks: You’ll stumble on hot chicks, remember, IT’S F@%KING Hollywood!
Beyond Lectures: It’s like a giant bootcamp, a true experience, gurus required to drill you!
Featured In Press Worldwide: Penthouse, Cosmopolitan, KTLA, UK Chanel 4, Syngular!


Enough said, it speaks for itself, BE THERE … OR majorly miss out! Those are your only two options. In life, you either will have excuses or results, which one do you pick?

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