Stop Being Clingy with EFT Tapping Video

When You Feel Insecure and “Clingy,” EFT Tapping Video Can Help You Relax!

stop being clingyIt can happen to the best of us. Something in a relationship triggers one of our old unconscious patterns … and suddenly our usually confident self is shaky and insecure. We may then become “clingy” in response to our fear.

Being clingy is no fun at all, for anyone involved. So we want to stop being clingy. And yet it’s so hard to stop, because some unconscious pattern is creating the clingy-ness. And when we get “down on ourselves” for being clingy, all it usually does is make us feel bad and we get MORE clingy … a vicious cycle.

So … the purpose of today’s Gold membership EFT tapping video is to help us release the underlying causes of being clingy … and help us relax and feel better so we won’t have to be clingy. Let’s stop being clingy today. :)

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Today’s topic is:

Releasing Yourself from Being Clingy (1 new EFT tapping video)

I hope you enjoy this powerful EFT tapping video! :)


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