Dating and Relationship Disappointment: How to Clear It with EFT Tapping Video

When the Date Did Not Go Well, and You Feel Disappointed … It’s A Good Time to Tap to Release that Dating and Relationship Disappointment with this EFT Tapping Video

dating and relationship disappointmentSo … you got all excited for a big date, thinking maybe you had finally met Mr. or Ms. Right … And then you met him or her, and he or she was NOT what you expected at all. Not even close. Maybe he or she made these hard-to-recover-from dating mistakes.

Let’s face it … Whether you are the dumper or the dumpee, dating and relationship disappointment is never fun. And the problem is if we don’t clear out that disappointment, it may be pretty tough to pick ourselves back up again.

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Releasing Yourself from Dating and Relationship Disappointment (1 new EFT tapping video)

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