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Cleaning the Mirror – Thanksgiving for the Commitment We Have Made

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A common by-product of practicing Holistic Belief Reprogramming is an irresistible urge to clean …

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! What a perfect holiday for those of us who practice Holistic Belief Reprogramming. For a very limited time, celebrate Gratitude this Thanksgiving with a special offer on the 30-Day Gratitude Challenge (click here).

Here, you can experience the first video from the 30-Day Gratitude Challenge for free:

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One of many themes of gratitude for me this month is cleaning and simplifying. I’ve been mostly stuck in my apartment for the past five months due to Harvey the Cat’s medical situation. If life gives you lemons, make lemonade! Being stuck at home means lots of opportunities to tap, so I have done a great deal of tapping.

When we clean the inner mirror, often we find that the outer mirror of our surroundings must come into alignment with our new internal reality.

And so as Harvey’s health began to stabilize, I turned my attention to needed cleaning and repairs in the apartment. Something very interesting is that I used to hire professionals to do something like carpet cleaning or window cleaning. The Universe made very clear that this time I would do the cleaning myself.

In the photo at the beginning of this article … Do you see the huge contrast on those windows between the dirty parts of the window and the clean parts?

It’s a metaphor for cleansing the doors and windows of perception. When we use Holistic Belief Reprogramming to cleanse the subconscious mind, the picture we see “out there in the world” begins to clarify and purify …

If you are into cleaning and simplifying, you will LOVE the 30-Day Simplify Your Life Challenge here.

All of my Holistic Belief Reprogramming videos are metaphorical as well. Sometimes people wonder how they will get benefits tapping for one of my cats.

This is not about a cat! We live in a hologram. It is often easier to get at our subconscious issues by tapping another person or animal’s issues. This is because surrogate tapping enables us to bypass the logical ego mind defenses that keep our reality stuck in place.

In that spirit, here are our new Gold membership videos for November 2015. The focus of these videos is health. And actually, these are four extra videos from when I created the 30-Day Shadow Self Challenge. So if you like these videos, be sure to get the 30-Day Heal Your Shadow Self Challenge here!

The topics for our November Gold Membership videos are:

1. Past Health Issues

2. Urine and Fear

(I’ve been working with a lot of private coaching clients on second chakra, kidney, and urinary tract issues so this video will be timely!)

3. Addressing More Physical Symptoms

4. Headaches

As we have talked about many times, all of the videos are metaphorical. So even if it appears not to be “your issue” … I guarantee if you just let your subconscious mind draw the parallels, there will be a metaphorical application to your own life.


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