The 30-Day Gratitude Challenge



Erika Awakening experiencing a real-life moment of gratitude for freedom to travel as a location-independent entrepreneur. Get on the Gratitude Bandwagon here and amplify the freedom and abundance in your life!

When we experience authentic gratitude on a daily basis, we feel happier and attract more enjoyable events in our lives. And yet, there are so many reasons why many of us do not experience gratitude as often as we could. This 30-Day Gratitude Challenge is designed to release our blocks to gratitude so we can experience more happiness and more abundance in our lives! :D

Because this Challenge was recorded under conditions of adversity with the healing of my cat, Harvey … we correct significant “psychological reversals” and learn how to feel grateful even in the toughest of circumstances. This will pay big dividends in the long run!

ATTENTION: In celebration of this season of Thanksgiving, the Gratitude Challenge is temporarily specially priced at $497. It goes back up to $897 very soon so get it now! :D

All Erika Awakening products are non-refundable, to ensure your commitment and best results.

Here is a list of the 30 videos you get in this Challenge:

Day 1 – Introduction to the Gratitude Challenge

Day 2 – How Can We Find Joy in the Darkness?

Day 3 – Letting Go of Fear of God (and Fear of Gratitude)

Day 4 – Addressing the Ego Backlash to Gratitude

Day 5 – Feeling Grateful for Other People

Day 6 – Releasing Resistance to Gratitude

Day 7 – Feeling Gratitude in the Face of “Imperfection”

Day 8 – Hyperthyroid and Fear of God (Fear of Gratitude)

Day 9 – Giving and Receiving Gratitude

Day 10 – Coming Soon

Day 11 – Clearing Tail Enders that Are in the Way of Gratitude

Day 12 – Finding the Core Issue

Day 13 – Releasing Guilt About the Blessings We Have

Day 14 – Releasing More Guilt

Day 15 – Addressing “If It’s Not One Thing, Then It’s Another”

Day 16 – When It’s Hard to Be Grateful Because We Don’t See the Big Picture

Day 17 – Addressing Personal Power and the Thyroid

Day 18 – Releasing Big Emotions in the Way of Gratitude

Day 19 – Releasing Fear

Day 20 – Releasing Grief

Day 21 – Addressing Disorientation

Day 22 – Overcoming Setbacks

Day 23 – The Moving Target

Day 24 – Signs of Land

Day 25 – Frustration that We Are “Not There Yet”

Day 26 – Clearing Out More Grief

Day 27 – Becoming Consistent with Gratitude

Day 28 – Maintaining Gratitude Every Day :)

Day 29 – Expressing Gratitude in Advance for the Miracles that Are Coming :)