Letting go of your fear of receiving gifts and “jinxing” your miracles

EFT Tapping Video to Let Go the Fear of Receiving Gifts and Money Miracles

fear of receivingBefore we begin today, I want to remind you to check out our brand new forum (and in particular, check out the How to Attract Money diaries that our members are keeping there – it’s really fun to follow along as each person discovers the core issues that have been preventing them from making more money. For the forum, CLICK HERE for the TAPsmarter.com Forum.

Today’s Gold EFT tapping video (another Erika Awakening original in the realm of advanced Emotional Freedom Techique) is designed to help you release your subconscious resistance to and fear of receiving gifts — even huge gifts — from the Universe. And to let go of any pesky ego consciousness within you that thinks you will “jinx” your miracles by talking about them.

A Course in Miracles teaches us that anything that is shared INCREASES. For this reason, the more we share our miracles in public, the more miracles everyone gets to experience. (If you have trouble with false modesty, see yesterday’s video here. Only the ego thinks you “should” be “modest” about how amazing you truly are.)

Nonetheless, many of us have a strong fear of receiving gifts and money miracles. So today’s EFT tapping video helps us let go of that fear of receiving gifts, money miracles, and everything else good in life.


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