EFT Financial Abundance Video: Releasing Your Resistance to Having More Money

EFT Financial Abundance Video Helps Us Release Our Resistance to Having More Money Miracles

eft financial abundance erika awakeningToday’s topic is one of our most popular topics: EFT financial abundance videos. Before we begin today, I want to remind you to check out our brand new forum (and in particular, check out the How to Attract Money diaries that our members are keeping there – it’s really fun to follow along as each person discovers the core issues that have been preventing them from making more money. EFT financial abundance videos are really working for lots of our community members. For the forum, CLICK HERE for the TAPsmarter.com Forum.

After I finished recording the Tap for $1 Million 30-Day Challenge (read more about it here), lots of big shifts happened. One thing that happened is that my life suddenly seemed to “slow down.” An amateur with miracles would probably mistake that as a “setback.” It’s not. It means the Universe was beginning to reorganize my life to make it easier to make at least $1 million (because goodness knows I don’t want to work five times as hard … to be a Holistic Belief Reprogramming miracle, hard work simply won’t do. It must be easy and effortless and fun to count as a miracle in our book).

And still … I noticed that I still had a little bit of remaining, totally irrational, resistance to making at least seven figures this year …

These unconscious thought patterns run deep. These habits of “oh, it would be easier to make less. Isn’t half a million enough?” Etc. etc.

And I noticed that my mind was bringing the target down to half a million despite the initial intention of at least seven figures.

Well, this simply wouldn’t do lol. So I recorded this bonus EFT Financial Abundance video, and I’m releasing it to our Gold members today. I’m also happy to report that I’ve already almost made as much money in the first four months of this year as I did all last year (we are very close now to $200k in just over 4 months – so, with the business growing rapidly, $1 million for the year is within spitting distance). Get the Tap for $1 Million 30-Day Challenge here now.


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