Get Ready for the 30-Day Miracle Money Challenge …

Here’s Day 1 of the Miracle Money Challenge, Reporting Some of Our Results and Getting You Ready to Get Started!

2000MiracleMoneyCheckWho doesn’t need some miracle money right now?

Wouldn’t it be nice if $2000 showed up for you out of the blue sky?

Without having to “work hard” for it, or do a hard sell?

Well, that’s exactly what happened for us during the brand new 30-Day Money Miracle Challenge.
We manifested $2000 in less than 24 hours. And that’s not all … I recorded this Challenge over the course of less than a week. During the course of about a week, I manifested a $10,000+ increase in my net worth. Part of that was “just on paper” – but who cares, right? We will happily receive whatever miracles the Universe wants to send our way. And part of it was this check for just over $2000.

You see, I decided during the Miracle Money Challenge that we should set a goal that would not be too far out of reach for most people. So on Day 17 of the brand new 30-Day Miracle Money Challenge, we set an intention to manifest $2000 within 24 hours. Within 24 hours, I received an unsolicited email out of the blue sky from a man who was already “sold” and it resulted in this check.

Notice the amount of the check in the photograph above. We set the intention to manifest $2000. The amount of the check is $2037.20. :D Coincidence?

miracle moneyThat’s not all I manifested during this short week. Flowers anyone? What if those flowers were not just a cliche but actually came with a meaningful message that you had been wanting to hear for a long time?

Yes, that happened.

We are going to teach you the skills to create these money and relationship miracles in your life. In the 30-Day Miracle Money Challenge.

Here’s a list of the powerful EFT tapping videos that you will receive with the 30-Day Miracle Money Challenge:

Day 1 – Introducing the 30-Day Miracle Money Challenge – Get Ready for Miracles

Day 2 – Clearing Anger to Make Way for More Miracles

Day 3 – Clearing Resistance to Making A Real Commitment

Day 4 – Letting Go of Fear of Getting What We Want

Day 5 – Turning A “No” Into A “Yes”

Day 6 – Focusing on What We Want to Manifest

Day 7 – Fear About “What I’d Have to Do to Make Money” (“People Can’t Accept Me the Way I Am”)

Day 8 – When We Are Holding Ourselves Back (the Hidden Reasons)

Day 9 – Releasing Fear of Getting Infected by Other People’s Scarcity Mindset

Day 10 – “People Will Think I’m Crazy” if I Talk About Money Miracles

Day 11 – Clearing Financial “Constipation” (It Really Works! ;) )

Day 12 – Letting Go of Psychological Reversal (the Secret Subconscious Blocks to Getting What We Say We Want)

Day 13 – Addressing “Leaky Energy” and Getting Focused

Day 14 – Clearing Fear of Jinxing Our Miracles and Fear of Getting Our Hopes Up and Being Disappointed

Day 15 – Releasing Overwhelm (“I Have Too Much to Do and Don’t Know Where to Start”)

Day 16 – Letting Go of Fear of Losing the Miracle

Day 17 – Let’s Set A Specific Goal (Here, We Set $2000 Within 24 Hours)

Day 18 – Still Feeling Stuck

Day 19 – Addressing Procrastination

Day 20 – Letting Go of Conflict Energy and Complaining

Day 21 – Getting A Sign of Land (Inquiry for $2000, the Goal We Set)

Day 22 – Releasing Fear and Frustration About Taxes

Day 23 – Letting Go of Anger and Fear of Losing the Miracle

Day 24 – Clear Fear of Jinxing Our Miracle

Day 25 – Releasing Doubts that Are In the Way of Our Miracle

Day 26 – Releasing More Fear

Day 27 – More Signs of Land Are Coming to Us!

Day 28 – Letting Go of Massive Fear

Day 29 – Clearing More Fear of Jinxing Our Miracles

Day 30 – Closing and Gratitude Session – YES! Our $2000 is CONFIRMED and On Its Way in the Mail … :D

And it gets better, because here is where I’m going to help YOU with making the commitment needed to get STELLAR RESULTS.

We have far too many of our Gold members who have not been “getting around” to tapping their videos. And as powerful as these videos are … they are really much more powerful if you ACTUALLY TAP THEM on a regular basis. I wanted to create a very good reason for our Gold members to check back here week after week … and this is it. My intention right now is to release these 30 powerful money-manifesting videos at the rate of about 1 per week as a BONUS GIFT to our Gold membership.

We want to keep everyone committed, so free bonus access to the 30-Day Miracle Money videos requires an active Gold membership at the time each video is released. This will give you a very good excuse to keep your Gold membership active … and a very good excuse and motivation to come to the site AT LEAST ONCE A WEEK to tap these videos and the other 200+ powerful Gold videos. Because, you see, the more often you tap the videos, the better your results become.

Just think. Right now a yearly Gold membership costs you only $477. So with this one money miracle of $2037, you would have paid for MORE THAN FOUR YEARS of Gold membership privileges. And this money miracle happened in just 24 hours. One day of manifestation would have paid for more than four years of membership. This is why I tell people … “Don’t be penny smart, and pound foolish.” Your investment of time and money in my healing system is likely to be heavily rewarded, IF YOU STAY COMMITTED. Why else do you think I left behind a prestigious career as a lawyer to do this full time? :D

This Money Miracle challenge will be given free to our active Gold members, starting this week. And happy birthday to me ;) All I really want for my birthday is for people to commit to this method.

Now … to add even more enticement for you to make a REAL COMMITMENT here, we are going to add one more very time-limited option for those who are truly AMBITIOUS to manifest their miracle money IMMEDIATELY and want access to ALL of the 30 EFT tapping videos this week.

Update February 24, 2015 – THESE OFFERS HAVE EXPIRED – to purchase the 30-Day Miracle Money Challenge, go to Miracle Money Challenge Day 2

You see, this 30-Day Miracle Money Challenge is so valuable (as demonstrated by the check above and the other manifestations we had in just a few days of tapping) … that I’m going to release it ALSO as an advanced 30-Day Challenge. The regular pre-sale price of those 30-Day Challenges is $797.

TOMORROW THOUGH is my birthday (February 23). And I would love to see some awesome people make a REAL COMMITMENT to this healing method on my birthday. In fact, I can’t think of a better birthday present. So this is what I’m going to do …

Get the 30-Day Miracle Money Challenge here now:

Please make a conscious commitment. All Erika Awakening products and memberships are NON-REFUNDABLE.

That’s it! Ready, set, go!! And let’s get you on your way to manifesting a quick $2000 and many other miracles that showed up during the recording of this 30-Day Miracle Money Challenge :D

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