Miracle Money Challenge Day 2 – Clearing Anger to Get More Miracles

Day 2 – Kiss Anger Goodbye – Get More Miracle Money by Clearing Anger First

kissing anger goodbye miracle moneyThank you everyone for making my birthday yesterday so incredibly sweet. I was enjoying my two bouquets of fresh cut flowers (see the story about the surprise apology flowers in Day 1 of the Miracle Money Challenge).

I took a beautiful walk to the bank on a gorgeous sunny and crisp San Francisco day. I was on my way to deposit the check for $2037 that we manifested during the recording of the 30-Day Miracle Money Challenge. I stopped at the mailbox on my way to the bank and … guess what? Another check was in the mailbox. From my mom.

So now I had TWO checks to deposit. See how our miracles are multiplying? :D

By the time I deposited the checks, got home, took care of a few other things … it was about 6 pm. And I was feeling disappointed because I had made an amazing special offer for my birthday … and sales were NOT coming in :( All I had was one measly sign of land.

So much for having a miraculous birthday … I sulked … for about five minutes. And then …

Not to worry! What did I do?


I did exactly what I teach you in the second half of the 30-Day Miracle Money Challenge. In the second half of the Miracle Money Challenge, I show you how to be a midwife to a miracle. All you need is one tiny sign of land, which can be ANYTHING. I focused on that one little sign of land (an email I had received, with a question). A few other emails with well wishes. And I started tapping my resistance to receiving miracles.

Almost immediately after beginning to tap my frustration, I received another sign of land! Another email with a question. So I just kept tapping. I created one whole tapping video. Which I marked private LOL. That frustration-clearing video probably will never be released :) But it’s the SAME PROCESS that I teach you in the second half of the Miracle Money Challenge.

After recording that EFT tapping video, I went to my desk and practiced some GRATITUDE. I thanked my mother for the check she sent me, told her I was feeling disappointed about the sales but would keep tapping. Intuitions came to me, and I sent out a few more emails to people who might be interested.

Almost immediately, the first small sale came in. It was AFTER 7 pm already and this was only a one-day special offer. This first sale was small but I told my mom and said “we are going to focus on the positive here.” I told myself … well it’s not much, but it’s better than sharp stick in the eye! Plus I was thrilled to welcome back a returning member.

My mom wrote back:

Yep. How does that song go? A catchy little tune about “You’ve got to accentuate the positive; Eliminate the negative.”

Here it is, or part if it:

You’ve got to accentuate the positive
Eliminate the negative
And latch on to the affirmative
Don’t mess with Mister In-Between

and a whole lot more verses. :-)

– Erika’s Mom

Mmhmm … I nodded my agreement … and then guess what? Another sale came in, and this time it was a much bigger one …

Then I went back to my video chair and continued the MIRACLE BIRTHING PROCESS that I teach you in the second half of the 30-Day Miracle Money Challenge … and guess what happened?

A bunch more sales came in … pretty much all in a row …

I set the intention that more would come in overnight, and I woke up to more …

From nothing to over $2500 in less than 24 hours … just by staying true to the MIRACLE BIRTHING PROCESS.

THE MIRACLE BIRTHING PROCESS. A process that I teach you in the second half of the 30-Day Miracle Money Challenge. We got our sign of land after setting the intention of $2000 within 24 hours. And we had to bring it home … You can use this Miracle Birthing Process over and over again to get miracles every single day … IF you commit to daily tapping with my Holistic Belief Reprogramming method.

Now, here I want to share another super important and truly ESSENTIAL element of the miracle manifestation process. Anger clearing.

BEFORE I started recording the 30-Day Miracle Money Challenge, I cleared a truckload of ANGER. Anger that had been accumulating about lots of different grievances for a long time. Those videos lol will never see the light of day. I did not hold back. I named names, I said all the nasty things my (EGO) wanted to say. This is not our true self. This is our ego self. But this ego self will BLOCK OUR MIRACLES if we don’t address it honestly and remove its pesky interference.

IMPORTANT SIDENOTE: For those who need to clear anger (which is pretty much everyone), I urge you to get the 30-Day Anger Releasing Challenge here. It will greatly improve your results in this Miracle Money Challenge. If you already have the Anger Challenge, please go back and tap it again before you move on to these videos. Note that the Miracle Money Challenge clears some anger but is not specifically focused on anger clearing. It is ESSENTIAL to best results to learn how to clear your anger (even the anger you don’t realize you have) – so please do consider making a solid investment in yourself by getting the Anger Releasing Challenge now here.

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