The 30-Day Effective Communication Challenge with Erika Awakening

Erika Awakening presents …

The FABULOUS 30-Day Effective Communication Challenge with Erika Awakening

The Surprisingly Easy Way to Learn Effective Communication and Assertive Communication in Even Your Most “Hopeless” Relationships and in Even the Most Difficult Situations … and to Become an Effective Communicator Who Is Taken Seriously and Treated with Respect

Let me ask you a few questions:

  Do you hold back your truth because you don’t think anyone will listen to you anyway?

  Do you have relationships that feel “hopelessly” broken and where communication may even have ceased altogether?

  Are you tired of being “polite” and wish you could stand tall in this world and let your true voice be HEARD?

  Do you have an important message to bring to the world, but you are too shy and self-doubting to express it?

Yeah, I know the feeling lol. This product is FOR YOU.

There are few things in this world that feel more AMAZING than harmonious communication.  What if you could have this feeling ALL THE TIME?


You know what I’m talking about, the kind of easy rapport where you really “get” each other. Where you work as a team, and you have each other’s back.

I’m talking about the kind of perfect communication when you barely have to say anything at all, and the world seems to move in symphony with your breath …

YEAH, that’s what I’m talkin’ about … let’s have more of that …


So the problem with most “communication training” is the same problem with all of the “how to” guides and classes that you ever purchased.

Mostly these training courses attempt to paste new “limiting beliefs” on top of your existing belief system. And instead of giving you fluid, beautiful communication … they give you uncomfortable, choppy, awkward, and ineffective “scripts” that aren’t really you and won’t really work.

(Yeah, I’ve pretty much seen it all, in my many years in this industry, and mostly I see traditional “how to” products and classes making people more confused and frustrated, rather than solving their problems.)

Fortunately, we have a MUCH better answer now!!

If you already know that you want this program, purchase here:

Please make a conscious choice about your purchase. To encourage full commitment (which is how you will get best results), all Erika Awakening products are NON-refundable.

And you’ll be relieved to hear that this much better answer does NOT require you to do what I originally tried to do, which is go to literally YEARS of communication training, at great expense of time and money, with very slow progress.

The opportunity you have today will – when used with commitment – transform your very BEING at such a deep level that you will notice profound shifts in how you communicate and how clearly other people are hearing you within a month (and sometimes less).

My coaching method, Holistic Belief Reprogramming (HBR), is NOT about learning new “skills.” You already have the skills to be an effective and assertive communicator. You were born with them. Perfect communication is your natural language.

Rather, my coaching method HBR focuses on removing the pesky EGO interference that is embedded in your subconscious mind, that garbles your communication and dampens your true authentic voice and gets you to “play small,” no matter how hard you try to use the right words and say the right things.

And in this ultra-powerful 30-Day Effective Communication Challenge, I bring you 30 life-changing tap-along HBR videos that will transform your life before your very eyes … as you shed your limiting beliefs, past baggage, and limiting beliefs about communication and step into your FEARLESS fluid natural-born eloquently communicating Self.

As you can imagine, the applications of this program are endless …


Business deals: Do you struggle and find it difficult to find words in business transactions? this program will give you easier sales with more fluid, natural-feeling and effective communication, helping you negotiate win-win deals that everyone is thrilled about!! …

Romantic relationships: do you get frustrated with your intimate communication and feel like it’s difficult to resolve conflicts and get your needs met … this program will give you more understanding, more romance, more harmony, more honesty, more intimacy, and more assertive communication … Most people don’t stand up for themselves in their relationships, and over time the anger and resentment fester and lead to unnecessary fights and break-ups.

Spiritual communication: do you feel like God hears and answers your prayers? Many people have subconscious anger with God that actually blocks their prayers from being answered, no matter how “hard” they pray … this program will help your prayers be answered far more easily … not to mention what it will do for your non-verbal and telepathic communication (most of which happen on a similar “wavelength” as prayer, so the skills are mastered together)

If you already know that you want this program, purchase here:

Please make a conscious choice about your purchase. To encourage full commitment (which is how you will get best results), all Erika Awakening products are NON-refundable.