Feeling discouraged, dealing with haters, and “I hate to wait” delayed gratification videos

Feeling discouraged today? Then you’ll love the videos for our Gold members today.

Rather than take the time to write three full blog articles right now, I am releasing THREE tapping videos to Gold members today for Customer Appreciation Week.

All of these videos use Holistic Belief Reprogramming, a very advanced version of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT tapping) created by Erika Awakening, to release your limiting beliefs and give you fast personal transformation.

Let’s turn your rainy “feeling discouraged” day into a celebration :) Stop feeling discouraged and start feeling awesome! :)

Feeling discouraged, feel better

Feeling discouraged? Feel better now

The three Gold membership videos you can access in this blog post are:

1. Feeling Discouraged (a video to help you feel better)

2. Dealing with Haters
– releasing anger and resentment, and/or releasing fear of having haters (a big reason many people “play small”)

3. “I Hate to Wait – a video for transforming patterns of delayed gratification


You get instant access to the powerful EFT tapping video(s) described on this page when you join our Gold EFT Tapping video membership here:

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