EFT Tapping to Erase Shame and Stigma

Releasing Shame and Stigma From the Subconscious Mind with EFT Tapping

eft tapping shame stigmaMany people agree that the lowest vibrational energy we can experience is shame. Shame is symbolic of separation from God and from the rest of humanity. Shame feels yucky in the body and can even show up as physical symptoms or physical pain. When we feel shame, we hide our light from the world.

So it’s pretty important to get in touch with and release our shame so we can be free.

This week we are offering three EFT tapping videos for releasing shame and stigma.

These are the three EFT tapping videos this week, for our Gold members:

1. Prestige and Stigma

2. Stigma and Shame

3. Releasing More Shame


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You get instant access to the powerful EFT tapping video(s) described on this page when you join our Gold EFT Tapping video membership here:

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