Mini 5-Day Health Challenge: EFT Tapping Techniques for Better Health

Introducing Five Emotional Freedom Technique Videos: EFT Tapping Techniques for Better Health

EFT tapping techniques for better healthOne of our themes lately is improving health and fitness with Holistic Belief Reprogramming. This is an area where it is good to emphasize that my system of Holistic Belief Reprogramming goes way beyond just EFT tapping techniques.

Holistic Belief Reprogramming
is not just a set of advanced EFT tapping techniques. It is a lifestyle. It is also a value system. Fundamentally, we are choosing life over death. As my customer or client, you can certainly get results from just doing the tapping. Best results, though, come from applying the whole system. And that system includes making ethical choices for life instead of death. This is why I have talked so much recently about the urgency of becoming vegan. This is not just about having compassion for animals. This is also about YOUR health. It’s about your power as a healer. A healer who attempts to heal with one hand while murdering with the other is at cross-purposes with himself or herself and not likely to be nearly as effective as a healer with unified intention.

So if we want our EFT tapping techniques for better health to be as powerful as they possibly can be, we need to think in a holistic way here …

Hey, this is not a judgment on anyone. We all have a ways to go here. I don’t want to use pesticides anymore and I invest in nearly all organic food now. Yet if ants were to invade my home again this year, will I resort to pesticides as I did in years past? I’ve been talking to the ants – literally – asking them to stay outside so there won’t be a “need” for poison.

And what about my cats? Well, I’m still feeding them meat. This is one of those classic ego “no win” situations where somebody’s health “has to be” sacrificed.

Ultimately, Holistic Belief Reprogramming will resolve ALL of these inner conflicts in favor of LIFE. Death must be abolished from the planet, and it is not abolished by continuing to participate in the rituals of death such as eating meat, dairy, and eggs, using pesticides, cutting down trees, and so forth …

eft tapping for a better bodyAnd as we resolve these inner conflicts in favor of life, we can expect that the body will continue to reflect our healing. The “effects of time” will be reversed and the body will become a symbol of immortality. If you think it’s a coincidence that I’m getting these kind of results with very little physical effort … think again. The results are coming from practicing a holistic “do less, accomplish more” healing system.  And practicing it consistently.

So today we are releasing five health-enhancing, “EFT tapping techniques for better health” videos this week to our Gold members. You can think of this like a mini 5-day Health Challenge to go along with our 30-Day Health & Fitness Challenge.

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