When Money Stops Making Sense … But You Still Need It: EFT Tapping for Money

EFT Tapping for Money: How Do You Tap for Cash When Everything You Believed About Money Stops Making Sense?

eft tapping for moneyI have a prediction for you. If you stay on the spiritual path long enough, there will come a day when money stops making sense. It’s not that money is “bad” or “evil.” It just doesn’t make any sense. It no longer seems like something worth seeking. And yet, if you haven’t yet made a full transition, you probably still “need” it. And by that I mean, the bills are still coming in, and you’ve got to pay them.

Last month I had the pretty amazing experience of not knowing how some big bills were going to get paid. I had a client who planned to pay me $200 in mid-February. And while I was very excited that she was signing up for the program and making her deposit, the $200 a month later was not going to solve my problem. Meanwhile, with money no longer making sense, I felt no motivation to “seek out” the money I needed. I decided to pray instead. We are after all on the heels of the powerful 30-Day Financial Freedom Challenge. My drive to “work hard” has all but vanished. I was looking for an easy and effortless answer.

So I prayed, and I fell asleep with an Angel card reading that said “Treasure Chest.” In the morning I woke up, checked my email, and my client had – out of the blue sky – sent me a $10,000 deposit toward her coaching program. It was all there in my PayPal account.  She attached a note that said this:

There is no order of difficulty in miracles. One is not “harder” or “bigger” than another. They are all the same. :-) Have a blessed weekend, my friend!

And I was crying as I read it – I felt so happy to be reminded of what I’ve been teaching for so many years.  By one of my students.  “There is no order of difficulty in miracles.” EFT tapping for money really works, as the people who have enrolled in my 30-Day Abundance Challenge already know!

As the day rolled on, nearly $2000 more came in … By the end of the day, I had nearly $12,000 of totally unexpected cash in my account. Bills paid. Problem solved.

It really is amazing how radically EFT tapping for money has changed my views about and experiences with money. Money can literally show up out of nowhere, because God is everywhere.

I recorded some videos as precursors to the 30-Day Financial Freedom Challenge, because I was feeling very confused about money toward the end of last year. I am releasing three of those EFT tapping videos to our Gold members today.

These are the three EFT tapping for money videos this week, for our Gold members:

1. Addressing Financial Unknowns

2. Clearing Up Money Confusion

3. Is Money Obsolete?


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