Your invitation to become a co-creator of this website …

Hello there, everyone!

Welcome to the brand spanking new TAPsmarter website! This is going to be a very exciting and interesting place to be for the foreseeable future …

We are going to be on the cutting-edge of transformational coaching, and also on the cutting-edge of marketing and “the new consciousness” business models …

The awesome thing is that if you join now, you are going to be a co-creator of this site.

Rather than import a bunch of my prior content into this site, I decided to begin as a TABULA RASA … totally fresh.

And I’ve decided that my early adopter members will get to have a big say in shaping how this website evolves.

– What kind of videos do you want?

– What kind of articles do you want?

– What are the biggest issues you are facing right now in your life?

As an early investor in this site, you can make requests for how things are going to go here … I envision an intimate and deeply connected community of people interested in learning more about my coaching system, Holistic Belief Reprogramming (HBR).

It’s going to be a lot of fun … so check out the Membership and Product options, and come on board.

We are going to become THE NEW PARADIGM here at TAPsmarter … wouldn’t you like to be part of it? :)

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