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Gold Membership EFT Tapping Emotional Freedom Technique Videos from Erika Awakening Put Power in YOUR Hands – Join Us

EFT Tapping Videos are now easy for you to get any time of day or night with our Gold membership. These are not your ordinary EFT Tapping videos that you might find on YouTube or other “free” sites. Nope, sometimes in life you get what you pay for. On this website, we have powerful and ADVANCED EFT Tapping Emotional Freedom Technique VIDEOS that get you real result in every major life area and quickly.

Yes, lots and lots of tap-along EFT tapping videos.  So that YOU can experience the magic of my advanced version of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT tapping) (also known as Holistic Belief Reprogramming (“HBR”)) for yourself in the comfort of your own home.

Because everything about my advanced version of EFT tapping is designed to increase our CONSCIOUS awareness, one thing you’ll notice about this site is that I am not following “conventional wisdom” in my marketing.  Have you noticed how “unconscious” most marketing and most buying decisions really are … marketing is literally designed to HYPNOTIZE people and push your emotional buttons to get you to buy … now.

We are better than that.  Right?? The whole point of joining this EFT Tapping Video program (our Gold membership) is for you to go beyond conventional thinking and cultural brainwashing.

Do you really need to be manipulated into buying something when it’s something that will actually help you?  How about instead we talk honestly about our mutual needs and desires on this EFT tapping video website? Conscious communication leads to conscious choices.  Conscious choices, from everything I have seen so far, lead to FREEDOM, to HAPPINESS, to EMPOWERMENT, and to HARMONY.

I have decided to use the marketing on this EFT tapping video website as a teaching tool to facilitate clear communication, conscious choices, and investment and commitment from both of us, so that everyone wins!

In this spirit, it was important to me not to have a conventional sales video … as you’ll see when you watch the video below, my approach to all this is going to be VERY different than the marketing tactics you’ve all seen before … We are going to use EFT tapping Emotional Freedom Technique to help you make the right decision for YOU … Here on this very page is a free EFT tapping video that you can tap along with right now to address whatever thoughts you may have about joining a membership site.

Oh, I know the thoughts people have about this … it has to be REALLY WORTH IT to join a membership site. And fortunately, the value of the EFT tapping video content you are going to find on this website makes it REALLY WORTH IT.

Imagine being able to tap along to a cash flow EFT Tapping video such as the ones I frequently release, and have more money show up in the next week than you paid for an entire year of EFT tapping video membership here? Believe it or not, that kind of money miracle happens all the time here.

Curious? I don’t blame you … I feel genuinely excited about providing content to you for the first time in quite a while, all because of this new win-win approach … this EFT tapping video will give you a little taste of what you will experience when you sign up for the Gold Membership EFT Tapping Video Club with Erika Awakening:

When you make a commitment to yourself and join my Gold Membership, you will receive at least four tap-along videos per month (and I’ll probably add bonus material). The videos will be approximately 10 to 20 minutes in length and will provide tap-along sequences and hints to improve your tapping.

We will cover the hottest issues that many people struggle with … money, sex, relationships, life purpose, chakra healing, health, fitness, weight loss… you name it, if you worry about it we cover it in our EFT tapping video content.

The first three EFT tapping videos are:

1. EFT Tapping video for Releasing the belief “I don’t know how to ask for what I want” so that you can feel empowered asking for what you want all the time

2. EFT Tapping video for Transforming the belief “I don’t want people to see me naked” (addressed both as a physical issue and as an emotional authenticity issue) so that you can feel empowered sharing your true authentic self without shame

** I kid you not, right after I finished recording this second EFT tapping video, I stood up and looked out the window.  A woman was posing naked for photographs on the roof of the building next to mine, while a huge crowd looked on from the balcony of another building.  You see how fast this stuff works?  Instant manifestation.  Lol.

3. EFT Tapping video for Letting go of the belief “I’m scared to ask for a pay raise” (which can be applied to raising your rates or asking for anything else that feels like “going to the next level” in your life) so that you can go to the next level, easily and effortlessly

These EFT Tapping videos are already recorded, and I’m pretty excited to share them with you!

IMPORTANT Update July 2014 to the EFT tapping video club: In order to get these three EFT tapping Emotional Freedom Technique videos, please purchase our ARCHIVED videos. Now when you join the Gold membership you will get more RECENT videos to start your membership … Email me at Erika @ ErikaAwakening.com if you have any questions!

You can activate your monthly subscription by clicking here. You’ll receive access to your first video through the Members page within 24 hours. For a limited time, the monthly investment is $47 per month (lower pricing for longer commitments), but this is likely to go up soon.


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