Surrogate Tapping for Annabel for Ovarian Cancer

Surrogate Tapping to Help Annabel Heal Ovarian Cancer

Well, it feels scary as shit to release this video … and we are going to do it anyway. Annabel was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, and she is undergoing surgery tomorrow. The surgeon will be trying to determine how far the cancer may or may not have spread. Because we do not yet know the outcome of that exploration, this is a critically important time for tapping to ensure the best possible outcome.

For those of you familiar with the scientific concept of Schrodinger’s Box … we do not know the fate of the cat until we open the box. Therefore, prior to opening the box, we have the opportunity to change our mind about what that box contains.

We are far more likely to see a positive outcome, if before opening any “box” of results in this world … we do the deep clearing work on the negative emotions and beliefs that are repressed in the subconscious mind. That’s what we are starting to do in this video.

This is only a start. Healing something like this requires a lot of commitment to peel off the layers and interpret the myriad of messages that a dis-ease is bringing to our awareness.

Hope you enjoy it, Annabel. Please let us know what you think. And warmest wishes for the highest outcome to your procedure tomorrow.

Surrogate Tapping for Annabel to Heal from Ovarian Cancer


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