Miracle Money Challenge Day 3 – Making A Real Commitment to Healing and Abundance

Day 3 of the Miracle Money Challenge – Making A Real Commitment to Healing and Abundance

making a real commitment to healing and abundance

For maximum results with Holistic Belief Reprogramming, it is essential to make a REAL COMMITMENT

One of the most essential and often overlooked aspects of getting maximum results with Holistic Belief Reprogramming (HBR) is making a real commitment.

Many people think they are committed when in fact they are not. Perhaps they have never experienced the level of motivation required to make a real commitment to healing and abundance.

Indeed, although I had dabbled in spirituality and healing for a couple of years … it was not until I found myself on the verge of death in a hospital bed for a week that I really committed.

Many people also do not understand what making a real commitment means. Perhaps they purchase one of my 30-day challenges but rarely get around to doing their tapping. Perhaps they think commitment ends with one or two products or one or two videos per day.

So let me explain what commitment meant for me AFTER the highly motivating experience of having a near-death experience. Word to the wise: DON’T wait until you’re on the verge of death to learn how deep your regrets go about how you have been living …

At the time, I had a full-time job. It was, I believed, a very demanding job. and I was working large amounts of UNPAID overtime. I was thoroughly bought in to a system of “face time” and “pleasing my superiors.” Oh what I would do to have that time back now lol.

AFTER the near-death experience, everything changed. I realized that my life was absolutely on the wrong path but I really had no idea what to do about it. So I went through a several-year time period where all I did was LEARN.

Of course, I still had to pay my bills so I did my job and I did it well. But I stopped working that unpaid overtime pretty much immediately. I stopped “people pleasing” at work. I stopped being an “overachiever” on a spiritually dead path. I started saying no to “networking” in a spiritually dead profession.

Instead, I spent my evenings and weekends learning. I read books, I purchased DVD programs, I attended seminars, I hired the best healers and coaches I could find. I learned VORACIOUSLY. I invested ALL of my disposable time in LEARNING and PRACTICING. Only after several years of intense learning did I ever have an inkling to begin teaching to others. This evolved gradually and organically to match my readiness.

And of course, let’s talk about money. Some people think investing a few hundred dollars is a LOT. No, it’s not a lot. After my near-death experience, when I realized that there was nothing worth investing my money in other than survival and healing … I invested SEVERAL HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS in learning what I now teach. I was not stingy with my teachers. I did not try to access their gifts for free. Some stuff I bought did not work, but it still had the value of teaching me WHAT NOT TO DO. I learned gratefully and generously.

What does commitment mean? It means excuses go by the wayside. We no longer pretend that time and money are preventing us from learning. We no longer attempt to get priceless knowledge for free. We invest ALL of our disposable time and money (and yes, everyone has disposable time and money) in healing.

I can’t even tell you how lame it sounds to me when people say they “can’t afford” the next product they need to get. Or they “can’t afford” private coaching sessions.

Of course, they are lying to themselves. I will see these same people go out and spend money on any long list of things that are not helping them in any way. Addictions, distractions, bright shiny objects of every kind. And you know, I’m playing you the world’s tiniest violin right now … :D

Does anyone really believe they are going to attract more money by being “careful,” “conservative,” and “stingy”? Hopefully not. This article might be a good read:

Overcoming Scarcity Mindset

If you already have access to the video below, at least you’ve made some level of commitment. It’s a good start. Congratulations on overcoming excuses and baloney to get this far …

If you are one of the people who has not yet made any real commitment, or made a “commitment” and then gave in to ego resistance and excuses … it’s probably time to ask yourself:

Do you want your life to suck?

Do you want to continue struggling with losing weight?

Do you want to see yourself and the people around you getting sick and dying?

Do you want to continue working at a job you hate and not having the money you would like to have to get your freedom?

Do you want to keep being a slave to addictions of every kind?

Do you want to have regrets on your death bed? … because that is where you will end up unless healing becomes the NUMBER ONE PRIORITY IN YOUR LIFE.

Take it from someone who was lucky enough to get a second chance.

The REWARDS of me investing ALL of my disposable time and several hundred thousand dollars in healing? Oh, just my freedom. No more debt, no more wage slave job, no more co-dependent employment relationships, no more chronic pain, no more “extra pounds” on my body … and the list goes on and on and on …

I mean, what is YOUR freedom worth, anyway?

I think what you’ll find if you take a leap of faith and invest generously in learning my coaching system … is that I’ve actually saved you YEARS OF TIME and HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS … by creating a healing system that is head and shoulders beyond anything else available.

However, because it is so unbelievably powerful … be on the lookout for the ego to attempt to sabotage your progress with plenty of excuses and baloney :D I cannot tell you how many times I wanted to quit. How many times I was so sure “it was not working.” Only my commitment kept me going through the valley of darkness to the light beyond.

Only a highly motivated and real commitment is going to save you from ego sabotage.

So … on that note … Day 3 of the Miracle Money Challenge focuses on MAKING A REAL COMMITMENT. Helping to release the ego bullshit and excuses that keep people stuck in patterns that are not serving themselves or anyone else …

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Now without further ado, we offer you Day 3 of the 30-Day Miracle Money Challenge, in which we clear anger blocks to abundance. For those who took advantage of our previous special offer on getting this Challenge with your Gold membership, this video becomes available to you on Day 14 after you opted in on the Facebook group thread :)

For everyone else: You can get INSTANT ACCESS to all 30 Miracle Money Challenge EFT tapping videos by purchasing here:

Please make a conscious commitment. All Erika Awakening products are NON-REFUNDABLE.

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