Miracle Money Challenge Day 4 – Clearing Psychological Reversal

Day 4 of the Miracle Money Challenge – Clearing Psychological Reversal

making a real commitment to healing and abundance

For maximum results with Holistic Belief Reprogramming, it is essential to make a REAL COMMITMENT

None of our 30-Day Challenges would be complete without clearing psychological reversal.

After all, if were were fully congruent with our desire, we would already have it. That is why we must dig deeply to discover the secrets reasons why we are not allowing that desire to manifest.

Now often when it comes to psychological reversal … we think of the “bad” reasons why we are not getting what we want. We call it self-sabotage or unworthiness or what not.

Let’s also remember that sometimes we are exploring here to find the very GOOD reasons why we are not getting what we want.

Perhaps we have not been listening deeply enough to a quieter voice inside us that knows what is in our highest interest. And maybe it’s not a Ferrari. Maybe it’s not that promotion at the job we have … because maybe we are not meant to be in the job we have.

Perhaps we have been shutting down some of the very good “counter-arguments” … the Universe’s attempts to steer us in a new direction … so we need to listen to those counter-arguments with an open mind and integrate them.

A good example of this would be with my recent article about the downside of being vegan (Why are vegans so angry?). If such a large number of people are experiencing health issues when they try to be vegan, then we have not sufficiently explored and understood the “counter-arguments.” And we need to explore and understand the counter-arguments to being vegan if we are ever going to manifest holistic solutions that do not require sacrifice of anyone.

This process of detective work and integration to clear psychological reversal can feel very very frustrating. The ego always insists that things should be going faster, or they should be going a certain direction that may not be what the Universe has planned for us. That is why it is essential to learn the skills of addressing psychological reversal.

This process is far more enjoyable when we have faith that the Universe is ALWAYS working in our favor, even during those times when the opposite appears to be the case.

Like when I did not get my new car when I thought I wanted it … I had to wait … but then my new car came to me in a much more miraculous way that was better for me … I had psychological reversal at the time I first wanted the car. But that psychological reversal was actually in my best interests. And when I got my new car, it was in the most awesome way :)

Make sense?

So Day 4 of the Miracle Money Challenge is dedicated to clearing psychological reversal.

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