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That is the ONE desire behind all the other desires. Peace of mind is the ONE thing that everyone wants and usually does not realize this is what they are really seeking. Deep down, everyone wants to get OFF the hamster wheel of constant nagging neediness and desire and feel peaceful instead.

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The only way to have inner peace is to get OFF the hamster wheel

Don’t believe me? Think about this:

We eat food because we want our stomach and body to feel peaceful.

We want high self-esteem so our peace will not be destroyed by nagging self-doubt.

We want sex or a relationship because we think it will give us something that will make us feel peaceful. Motivation varies among people, so it might be higher self-esteem (see above), more simplicity, more affection and the feeling of being loved. But really we want the INNER PEACE that we think we will have if all those needs are met.

We want a million dollars for a huge variety of reasons. Maybe we want “security,” maybe we want the ability to fulfill our life purpose and our creative vision (that’s what is behind the desire for me, primarily), maybe we want various material possessions or experiences. Many people want the ease of paying their bills so that their peace is not destroyed by bad credit and bill collectors. Underneath all of these desires, if you just keep digging, is the desire for INNER PEACE.


Inner peace makes you WAY MORE POWERFUL. Those who feel peaceful inside lose their “craving” for chasing after their desires, and usually find that what they once desired starts showing up on their doorstep without much effort at all. Those who have inner peace cannot be manipulated and have the freedom to create their life the way they want it to be.

Really, everything begins with inner peace. And the problem is that the things people desire won’t ever bring them peace. They just end up on the hamster wheel from hell. Always needing more approval, or more affection, or more accomplishments to feel good inside.

What if it works the other way around? When you have inner peace, you get to have the approval, the affection, and the accomplishments WITHOUT working so hard.

The biggest benefit I am noticing so far from the brand new Crown Chakra Opening Challenge is a marked increase in inner peace.


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Blessings and namaste,

Erika Awakening

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