EFT for Weight Loss: Losing Weight with EFT Tapping and Holistic Belief Reprogramming

EFT for Weight Loss: Losing Weight with EFT Tapping and Holistic Belief Reprogramming

EFT for weight lossHave you been trying to lose weight and it never seems to work long term? Do you struggle with losing those last few extra pounds?

Although I always knew that EFT tapping could be used for weight loss, I had never really attempted to use EFT for weight loss. In part, this was because I had other priorities for my EFT tapping. If I am really honest though, I had just “accepted” the weight I was at, which ranged from 116 pounds at a low to about 123 pounds at a high. Aside from a very short period right after my near-death experience, my weight had not dropped below about 116 pounds since I was in junior high school. Even as a competitive gymnast as a teenager, I struggled to keep my weight down. In college, at one point, I ballooned up to about 145 pounds. It was tough getting back down to 130 and then to 120. But eventually I stabilized around 120, give or take a few pounds. And getting below 116 just seemed impossible. So like most people, eventually I GAVE UP. There was too much suffering involved in wanting something I thought I could not have, and I just “let it go” … in other words, I was resigned to not having what I really wanted.

It was time to try EFT Tapping for Weight Loss

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Meanwhile, I had seen some of my clients lose weight from EFT tapping while working with me, but not because we were focused on weight loss. The losing weight for my clients happened spontaneously from releasing emotional baggage. The best example of this is EFT Tapping for Weight Loss.

Last summer, however, my thoughts turned to using EFT tapping to enhance health and fitness. And EFT tapping for weight loss. I recorded the 30-Day Health, Fitness & Beauty Challenge (learn more about it here) around August and September of 2012. I was not really trying to lose weight myself because, as explained above, I had pretty much accepted myself at my existing weight. Around July I had been to the doctor and weighed in around 122ish. That is the high end of where I like to be, and at some level I probably did want to lose some weight. But I didn’t want to work hard at it, I didn’t want to “be on a diet,” I didn’t want to obsess about it. So I did nothing. However, when I recorded the Health, Fitness & Beauty Challenge, I assumed that some of my customers would be interested in losing weight. So I included some EFT tapping videos in the 30-day series that addressed the EMOTIONAL REASONS why people hold on to extra weight, with the intention of helping my customers lose weight.

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Then my cat got sick (read about how we got him a miracle of healing here), and I promptly forgot about the EFT tapping for weight loss videos.

Until about a month or so later … I was weighing my cat to monitor his weight gain and recovery, and suddenly I noticed that while my cat had been happily gaining weight, I had been losing weight. First my weight dropped to my usual low of 116 pounds … and then it kept dropping!! At first I could not figure out how I was losing weight. I was not thinking about losing weight. I was not on a diet. I had not stepped up my exercise routine. It took a few days to figure it out … and then I remembered … the WEIGHT LOSS VIDEOS!! Of course. Now I knew for certain that EFT for weight loss can really work, if you know how to use EFT for weight loss properly.

EFT Tapping for Weight Loss Worked Where Nothing Else Had!

Yesterday, my weight dropped to an almost unbelievable for me … 108.4 pounds!! Fully 7-8 pounds lower than my lowest weight before this, and almost 14 pounds lower than when I weighed in at the doctor. The photograph above is me at this new low weight :)

Yes I want to learn EFT Tapping for Weight Loss Now

The entire purpose of Holistic Belief Reprogramming (which is my advanced version of EFT Emotional Freedom Technique) is to reprogram your subconscious mind so effectively that your subconscious mind DOES THE WORK FOR YOU. That’s why we call it “miracles.” Because when you get the results, they are effortless and magical. So that’s what happened. I had in effect given my subconscious mind instructions to lose weight, then forgot about it with my conscious mind. My subconscious mind carried out the instructions I had given it with no effort on my part at all.

Pretty fabulous, don’t you think? You can use EFT for weight loss, too!

Attract money reprogram your subconscious mind

In Holistic Belief Reprogramming, we lose weight or attract money the exact same way - by reprogramming your subconscious mind to do the work for you

It’s the same thing I did with money and business to turn my business that almost failed in 2010 into multiple six figures in 2012. When I say that money often “just shows up” after tapping, now you can see why. The subconscious mind has been How to Attract Money. And that is exactly what it does.

EFT Tapping for Money really works, too!

No matter what it is about your life that you would like to change, the secret to effortless accomplishment of your goals is to reprogram your subconscious mind with Holistic Belief Reprogramming.

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You can experience EFT for weight loss results like this for yourself by getting started today with the 30-Day Health, Fitness & Beauty Challenge. Learn more by CLICKING HERE. My EFT tapping video programs do require investment and commitment, but isn’t it worth it to get the results you always wanted? Once you learn how to get these kind of results with the power of your subconscious mind, you will never want to go back to doing anything the “hard way.” :)

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Erika Awakening is a Harvard Law School graduate and former practicing attorney. She left the rat race to become a location-independent entrepreneur, holistic life coach, visionary, travel blogger, healer, and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT tapping) expert. Erika Awakening is one of the world's foremost experts on eradicating limiting beliefs and living life on your own terms. (Follow Erika on Google+ by clicking here.)

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