Ask and You Shall Receive: Erase Fear and Just Ask with Erika Awakening

Have you heard people say “Ask and You Shall Receive” but it doesn’t seem to be working for you? Learn how to just ask and receive with Erika Awakening EFT Tapping   We often hear people say “ask and you … Continue reading

Avoid your feelings? Relief for avoidant personality with EFT tapping

Avoiding our feelings, avoidance of other people and confrontation, and avoidant personality mess up our lives: Get Relief with EFT Tapping   Are you one of those avoidant personality people who avoid your feelings and therefore avoid confrontation? If you … Continue reading

Feeling discouraged, dealing with haters, and “I hate to wait” delayed gratification videos

Feeling discouraged today? Then you’ll love the videos for our Gold members today. Rather than take the time to write three full blog articles right now, I am releasing THREE tapping videos to Gold members today for Customer Appreciation Week. … Continue reading

Feeling blue, down in the dumps, and depressed? Get relief with Erika Awakening :)

Feeling Blue and Down in the Dumps: Feel Better with EFT Tapping Videos from Erika Awakening Feeling blue, down in the dumps, and depressed? Rest assured, it happens to everyone (whether people will admit it to you is another question … Continue reading

Better Sex, Passion, Love, Romance, and Vitality with Erika Awakening

Can one Erika Awakening video really help you in all these areas, so you can have better sex, more passion, love, romance, and vitality, all at the same time? Well, yes, if you understand the Source of all of those … Continue reading

Erika Awakening Catalog

Hey everyone, Happy Memorial Day Weekend!  If you haven’t checked in for a while, this would be a good time to take a peek at what we’ve been up to in the world of Erika Awakening‘s Holistic Belief Reprogramming (HBR) … Continue reading

Welcome to Erika Awakening’s Brand New Beautiful Forum!! :)

Anyone else been feeling annoyed lately by some of the changes on Facebook, and bored with what’s being posted there? Those of us who participate in my members-only HBR coaching group are a bit … shall we say … SPOILED. … Continue reading

Are You A Pricky Cactus? EFT Tapping to Stop Being Defensive

Stop Being Defensive and Prickly with This Advanced EFT Tapping Therapy Video Feeling irritable and brusque? Sometimes life is grating, and we may find ourselves reacting to other people like a prickly cactus. We feel defensive and guarded and shut … Continue reading

Suffering from persuasion fatigue? EFT tapping to the rescue!

EFT Tapping to Let Go of Persuasion Fatigue Are you feeling exhausted from trying to persuade people in your life to do what you know is in their best interest? Ready to pull your hair out as you watch loved … Continue reading

Stop being defensive

Would you like to STOP being defensive? Do you find yourself being drawn in to arguments and defending yourself where you would probably be better off not reacting at all? When we are feeling defensive, it’s tough to respond in … Continue reading