Bringing Your Miracle Home

Days 24-26 of the Miracle Money Challenge – “Bringing Your Miracle Home”

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Miracles have a rhythm. When you become experienced with the miracle manifestation process, you can feel this rhythm and dance with the Universe.

One of these days soon, I will write out the story of Harvey the Cat and the miracles we received from his hospital stays. The amazing synchronicity, the messages from Angels, the magic of Pachelbel’s canon … and we will show how amazing this miracle rhythm is, and how learning to decipher the rhythm of miracles will help you keep the faith when doubt begins to creep into your mind.

Today I am releasing Days 24 through 26 of the 30-Day Miracle Money Challenge. Here, we have already set the foundation for our money miracle to manifest. What we need to do now is clear out our remaining doubts and fears so that the miracle can come to full fruition.

Day 24 – Addressing Our Fear of “Jinxing” Our Miracle

Day 25 – Clearing Doubts About Getting Our Miracle

Day 26 – Clearing Fear About the Miracle

According to Zillow website, my house has gained $94,000 in value in the few short months since I recorded the Miracle Money Challenge. Although that money is “theoretical” because I do not have access to it at this time, and have no plans to sell the house … it still is a very, very nice miracle to come out of this Challenge.

I also became aware, after recording this Challenge, of another potential source of wealth. Although it is also “theoretical” because I have no intention of moving out of my apartment … I did learn that one of my neighbors was paid $42,000 to move out of her apartment. How much would they pay me to move out? I don’t know, but it’s nice to know that my rented apartment is an appreciating asset :)

I have a feeling, though, that the big one is still in creation … and for the first time in a while, I am feeling really excited to see what the Universe has in store.

How about you – have you been tapping these Miracle Money videos on a daily basis? What signs of land are you seeing?

Let me know what you think of these three powerful EFT tapping videos …

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