Can You Have the Feeling of “Being in Love” All the Time with EFT tapping?

Advanced EFT Tapping Techniques for Creating the Feeling of “Being In Love” All the Time

the feeling of being in loveThe answer is YES (though most people probably think that’s not true, due to their limiting beliefs and ego’s interference).

The key to having the feeling of being in love all the time is understanding, at the deepest subconscious level, where this feeling comes from.

From your romantic partner?

Nope. As I discovered recently (and wrote about on my other blog here), you can have this feeling all the time without a romantic partner. And when you do happen to connect with a lover, that feeling gets infused into the relationship, like divine perfume :)

The feeling doesn’t come from the romantic partner, and the misconception that it does has led to profound disillusionment in countless relationships (when the partner is falsely “blamed” for the feeling “going away”).

The feeling of being in love comes from YOU. From your connection to God or Higher Self. And it can be constant, as long as you don’t falsely assign it to something external.

The paradox of this is that the more stable this feeling becomes inside you, the more stable and “in love” your relationships will become. Pretty cool, huh?

The advanced EFT tapping video below is one of the videos that I used to bring this feeling of being in love all the time alive within myself. It is a precursor video to the much more in-depth 30-Day Soulmate Challenge (which you can learn more about here).

Now you can have the feeling of being in love all the time … ahhhhh bliss :)


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