Miracle Money Challenge Day 8 – “I Don’t Want to Play the Game”

Day 8 of the Miracle Money Challenge – “I Don’t Want to Play the Game”

making a real commitment to healing and abundance

For maximum results with Holistic Belief Reprogramming, it is essential to make a REAL COMMITMENT

There may come a moment in your life when, whatever it is that you are doing to make money, you don’t want to do it anymore. Whether it’s working at a job, or sales, or taking care of family … things can get very tedious when we discover that we are still running on the hamster wheel.

That is why we are all tapping for Miracle Money, right? ;)

Miracles are not linear. Miracle money is not linear. So it can feel very tempting to tell ourselves “this is not working.” Especially if we have been working on a big quantum leap for a while and still not seeing results.

It can feel tempting to think that our ONLY OPTION is to play the game. Our only option is to show up smiling at that job and pound it out. Our only option is to step up the cold calls. Our only option is to keep running on that hamster wheel.

And what’s really hard? What’s hard is stepping off the hamster wheel in faith. What’s hard is being honest with ourselves that we simply do not want to run on that hamster wheel any more.

But what then? We step off the hamster wheel, but now it gets really scary. We don’t know what’s next. It seems like nothing is next. Like we’ve just committed financial suicide. And we have no safety net to save us …

Where is our Miracle Money, dammit?!?

Well, in order to get to “what then,” we need to tap what is alive for us. So in this EFT tapping video – Day 8 of the Miracle Money Challenge – we address the part of ourselves that is SICK AND TIRED OF PLAYING THE GAME.

Let me know what you think …

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