Leaky Energy, Anger with God, and Money Intuition

Leaky Energy, Anger with God, and Money Intuition

miracle moneyToday won’t be a long blog post. My cat Harvey has been very sick, and I am focused on his healing. Still I wanted to get you some new Gold videos …

As usual, we work with metaphors. If lots of household items are leaking, then we need to look for where that leak is showing up in our energy.

We clear grief and anger with God.

And we fine tune our money intuition.

I hope you all have stayed committed to the Miracle Money videos. Sometimes it seems like “nothing is happening.” That’s usually not the case if we stay committed. As of yesterday, I learned that the value of my home has increased by $75,000 in just four short months since recording the Miracle Money Challenge.

I also learned that my neighbor who just moved out was paid a substantial sum of money (well into five figures) by the landlord. Which means my rent-controlled apartment can be an appreciating asset, for which I could be paid someday to move out !! I was not aware of this hidden form of abundance until these past few weeks.

So keep tapping … and keep the faith. And please keep little Harvey the Cat in your prayers.

Here’s the list of today’s four Gold membership EFT tapping videos:

1. Leaks, Part 1 – Using Leaks As A Metaphor for Our Energy

2. Leaks, Part 2

3. Grief and Anger with God

4. Money Intuition

Because we are nearing completion of our archived Gold videos, the request lines continue to be open. Some of you have already had some great ideas for new mini-products. Please also feel free to make requests for Gold membership videos.


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