Gold Membership Rewards Program

Announcing Brand New Gold Membership Rewards Program – Rewarding Your Commitment

gold membership rewards program

Join the Gold membership to get these amazing membership rewards

I feel excited today to announce our brand new Gold Membership Rewards Program. The intention is to reward those of you who stay committed to our membership and to your Holistic Belief Reprogramming practice. We are going to do our best to keep this very simple.

Eligibility: In order to be eligible for Gold Membership Rewards, you must maintain your Gold membership continuously without gaps. Any missed membership payments must be corrected within 72 hours. All payments must remain on the automated payment system continuously. Membership must be maintained continuously, BOTH at the time of earning rewards, and at the time of redeeming rewards. All rewards previously earned will be forfeited if Gold membership is canceled or payments are not made on time.

Rewards: Eligible Gold members will earn 15% rewards on all purchases of products and services through the Erika Awakening website. There are no rewards earned on affiliate products that Erika Awakening is marketing on behalf of some other company. Rewards are NOT earned, nor can they be redeemed, for the Gold membership fees. Rewards are only earned on additional products and services beyond the Gold membership. Rewards may not be available on some discounted products and services (please inquire if there is any doubt).

Not retroactive: Rewards are not earned on any products or services purchased prior to September 17, 2015.

Redemption of rewards: You may contact Erika Awakening to redeem your rewards on further purchases. Payments will be made by wire transfer or PayPal for products and services that are discounted with Rewards. For those who have maintained their eligibility, rewards may be redeemed for the purchase of additional Erika Awakening products and services. Rewards may not be redeemed to purchase Gold membership or programs that Erika is marketing as an affiliate.

Terms subject to change: As this is an experimental program, it will be important to make sure it is sustainable. Changes to the program will be announced on this page.

You will see this familiar emblem at the bottom of each of our Gold membership videos. Go ahead, click on that Gold button and join us today!

You get instant access to the powerful EFT tapping video(s) described on this page when you join our Gold EFT Tapping video membership here:

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