EFT Tapping Video for breaking through your income comfort zone

EFT Tapping Techniques Video for breaking out of your income comfort zone

Wow, I had an AMAZING time at the PUA Summit this past weekend. Saw a lot of my good friends — Vince Kelvin and Speer, Adam and Amanda Lyons, DJ Fuji and Psych, Nick and Epik, John Keegan, John Marshall, and many more … I stayed at the legendary Project Hollywood, where they threw a beautiful pool party last night and we enjoyed the hot tub … met a lot of new friends, too … it was super fun :)

Today I’m driving back to San Francisco, and we’ll be back to recording awesome EFT tapping videos for you :) So let me know your special requests …

Today is a bonus EFT tapping video, which I’m putting up now because it’s already uploaded. Many people have a subconscious “income ceiling” or “income comfort zone” — so no matter what they do, it’s difficult for them to make more money than they have made in the past. This video gives you precise instructions for reprogramming your subconscious mind to break through your current income comfort zone. This is the type of EFT tapping I myself used to massively increase my rental income and then turn my coaching practice into a thriving six-figure business — both IN THE MIDDLE OF THE RECESSION, proving that the economy will only hold you back if you let it (which you are NOT going to do, that’s why you are here, right? To break out of your comfort level to entirely new levels of success :) )


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