How to baby-step your way to miracles

One of our Gold members, who has really made the commitment to turn her life around, has a very touching situation to share with us. Like many people, Tasha didn’t have the easiest childhood. She did get a college degree, but it has been challenging for her to transcend the poverty of her early years. She has been working as a cashier and barely making enough money to scrape by and support herself and her children.

She has now set a “miracle goal” for herself. She would like to start making as much money in one month as she has been making in one year. In other words, she would like to make $26,000 per month.

Now that she has gotten started with Holistic Belief Reprogramming, she understands the importance of not being too “realistic” about our goals, because most people would probably think she was nuts for setting such an ambitious intention.

From my perspective, her intention of $26K per month is entirely do-able. After all, it was barely more than a year after I started my coaching business that I went from a really meager monthly coaching income to my first $33K+ month. With HBR, anything really is possible.

But it will require commitment, consistency, and a grounded approach.

Tasha asked me this question, and she gave me permission to answer the question here so that more people can benefit:

Hey, I noticed that you told one of your members [in our private Facebook HBR coaching group, which you can join by becoming a member here] that if they could make money from home online…
Do you have websites that you direct people to for info on how to do that?
Working from home would be perfect for me…especially when I get my own place…

Also, I was thinking, perhaps I should write down my goals in depth exactly how I want them
then write the reasons why I can’t have them…the part I am stuck on is what to say after I write the reasons
why I cant have it… for example
I want a beautiful 3 Bedroom duplex in a great neighborhood, Nice neighbors, lots of kids for the twins to play with…
that I can paint any way I want. 1 master suite with big bathroom, 2 big bedrooms, one
regular sized bathroom, hardwood floors, laundry room, eat in Kitchen, dining room, big living room.
Furnished exactly the way I want it.
(why cant I have it)
a place like this would cost about 2000 a month with rent, cable, phone, Internet and utilities.
I don’t have 2000 a month
Furnishing and decorating a place like this would cost about 15000 dollars
This means I would need to come up with about 19,000 because I would need
first and last months rent which takes it from 15k to 19k
19000 whoa, I only make a few thousand more than that a year
That’s a lot of money
I have NO IDEA how I could make money like that
OMG, looking at this amount of money makes me want to just give up
who would even allow me to move into a place like this, my credit is FUBAR(tango and cash- fucked up beyond all recognition lol)
Paying this much for rent, how would I afford anything else
I don’t know what to do
I cant make this much money
Ive never had anything this nice
would I even know how to act
I don’t want people to think that I think I’m better than them
and I don’t want people to automatically think that I have give them things because i have money
I don’t want to feel bad because I have such nice things and the people that I love don’t

I don’t have to feel bad
I could always show the people that I love how to do what I’ve done
No ones going to think that I’m stuck up
and if they do, I cant control what they think so it really doesn’t matter
why can’t I afford it
it doesn’t have to be hard
if I could make my current yearly salary in one month
then these expenses could be totally doable for me
and I could still afford to live
it is a lot of money, but so what, there is unlimited abundance out there,
and it is mine for the taking
if it wasn’t doable then these wonderful places wouldn’t even exist
I can do this and I know I can
I’m giving my subconscious permission to show me all of the opportunities out there to make such a HUGE amount of money
thank you ego for trying to keep me safe, but my subconscious can take it from here….

312,249.6(before tax)
would be the amount I would make if I were to make the amount I made this year every month for a year.
so I would take this amount as a goal and do exactly what I did for my first goal, and so on…is this a good tactic?

Thanks for the question, Tasha.

Now, you can see from what she has written that as soon as she set this goal, a bunch of “tail-enders” (all the reasons why she CAN’T have it) immediately started coming to the surface.

As a trained HBR practitioner, I also notice something else. Tasha’s writing is usually really crisp and clear, but in this email, it starts to get a bit chaotic, disjointed, and fuzzy.

The way she is using language suggests to me that her mind has gone into a state of overwhelm when thinking about creating this new reality.

And that’s okay. Sometimes overwhelm is a great starting place, and usually with HBR we can begin to integrate all these fragmented voices in our head into one unified intention fairly quickly. Which is why HBR is so much more powerful for creating congruence than any “externally-focused how-to” method I’ve ever experienced.

Nonetheless, I think some simplification here would be really helpful. Trying to go from $26K per year to $26K per month with no intermediate steps sounds to me like a good way to get stuck and frustrated.

Here are some steps I would recommend for Tasha or anyone else in this situation:

1. Before doing anything in the external world, do a LOT of tapping on why this goal seems impossible. Write all the reasons on a piece of paper. You can tap “stream of consciousness style” at this point. Be as thorough as possible. This may be several hours’ worth of tapping. After doing enough tapping to reduce the overwhelm, you can further clarify your goals (go to step 2).

2. Begin with your holistic vision for your life, and then break the goal down into clear aspects. It’s great that Tasha is getting really clear about the holistic vision for her life. I did not have a breakthrough in my business until I actually got a calculator out and worked backwards from how much money I needed and wanted to how my coaching rates needed to be set. Once the vision is set, it’s good to get clear about each element of that vision. Wanting to live in a particular type of home, wanting to work from home, and wanting to increase your income are three totally different goals. Ideally, you can achieve all of them at once (I did). However, remember that your intuition knows the fastest path to your goal, and it may make sense to begin with one of the goals instead of trying to achieve all of them simultaneously. For example, I kept my day job until my confidence as a part-time entrepreneur was solid. Only after I was already making a six-figure income as a coach did I quit my day job and begin working from home all the time. That’s what I mean by “grounded” manifestation. I also did not set big goals until I had already built my confidence with HBR by manifesting smaller goals (such as a large increase in rental income and amazing parking karma). So, Tasha, achieving your first goal of where you want to live MIGHT be a good first step and help you build your confidence for the larger amounts of money. If overwhelm sets in, remember to step back and do something (anything) that feels do-able to you. This will help restore your confidence so you can once again begin thinking about the bigger goal.

3. Allow your intuition to guide you step by step. Planning can really get in the way of divine inspiration. You want to be grounded in the moment. This does not mean “planning.” You may need to get a higher paying job first, and get some experience there, that will ultimately allow you to work from home all the time. Or maybe you can get a job that allows you to work from home at least part of the time. You absolutely, positively do NOT need to figure it all out ahead of time. Think in terms of possibilities, without being attached to the outcome. The more possibilities you can generate, the more you are tapping in to your divine creativity. Following your intuition does NOT mean doing it all by yourself. Hiring a good coach is probably the fastest way you can get the support you need to reach your goals. I’m sure I would not be where I am today if I had not invested most of my discretionary income in coaching. At the same time, be wary of taking “advice” from others based on their experience. Your path is unique. Only YOUR intuition knows the right path for you, which is why I devote so much attention in my 15-Week Miracle coaching program to getting my clients in touch with their intuition.

4. Commit to tapping every time obstacles or negative feelings arise. When obstacles or negative feelings arise, get curious. Ask them what the message is. Sometimes obstacles are actually attempting to help you go in the right direction. Other times, the obstacles will disappear when you change your beliefs. Your intuition is the ONLY reliable guide, which is why you MUST get in touch with it as soon as you can.

5. Be open to miracles. Take baby steps. Experiment. Be committed to your HBR practice. Move toward your goals with commitment and consistency. And at the same time, simply be open to the possibility that after you have taken a few baby steps, you just might find your magnificent miracle showing up on your doorstep, at the least expected moment.

Let me know how this goes for you.


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