Financial aid

Erika’s Current Views on “Financial Aid” for Personal Coaching Programs

Hey everyone,

Sometimes I receive comments and concerns from people who say they would like to do my coaching programs but think they “can’t afford” them. Less frequently, I receive messages from people expressing “outrage” and judging me for my rates, as if I were somehow “hurting” them by setting my rates where they are.

So I’d like to share with you some thoughts on this to promote greater understanding in our relationship.


I have given very careful consideration to many factors in setting my rates. This coaching is so valuable that there is no rate I could set that would be too high. I could charge $100,000 for my 15-Week Miracle Coaching Program, and it would still be worth it. Would you put any price on happiness, empowerment, and peace? If we can prevent a bankruptcy, help you manifest the partner of your dreams, and launch you on the path of your true life purpose, are you really going to care how much money it took to get there? My clients frequently tell me (after they have done sessions) that the coaching was worth far more than what they paid for it.

Now let’s add to this that money is not the real reason you are not signing up for my programs. Yep, really it’s not. Money may very well be the “blanket excuse” you are using to keep your life where it is, but it’s never the real reason.

How do I know this? Well, for several reasons. First, from personal experience. I “couldn’t afford” college or law school, in the sense that I did not have the money for the tuition. I did receive a bit of financial aid, but they sure didn’t give me a free ride. I found a way because I was committed. I took out loans and got jobs, and I never deceived myself by saying “can’t afford.”

Second, from my clients’ experience. There is a guy right now who is paying me $300-$400 every two weeks so that he can take my 15-Week course. It’s going to take him quite a while to save up for this. He is literally paying me 75% of his income. But you see, he’s no worse off than he was before, because he manifested that extra income by saving up and doing two sessions with me some time ago. He’s totally committed, and he’s going to succeed in my program. I bet he’ll be teaching abundance to other people within a couple of years.

So if you are kvetching about my rates, I’ve got to ask you: how are you any different from him? You say you “can’t” do it, but if he can do it, anyone can.


Let’s be honest — the money isn’t the real reason.

How do we know this? For a third reason, which is this. If I now tell you that I am open to negotiating with committed people to coach them at a lower rate so long as we create some kind of win/win arrangement, watch how quickly your subconscious mind starts generating other, non-money-related “excuses” not to move forward. That’s how we know it wasn’t about money in the first place. Because when I make sure you don’t have the money excuse anymore, you still don’t sign up … and that’s why I won’t listen to the people who complain about my rates. The reason they are stuck in their lives is that they are not taking responsibility for themselves. That’s also why they “don’t have enough” money. It has absolutely nothing to do with me or my rates.

Now, let’s say you are the exception to this rule and you really ARE committed to having this transformation and making this win/win. Then let’s talk. And let me share with you a few guidelines, BEFORE you contact me to inquire further:

1. I do not want to hear about what you “can’t” do. In fact, I don’t want to hear any excuses at all. I promise you I didn’t Read Testimonials and Reviews for Erika Awakening Coaching and Products by listening to their BS and excuses. If you’d like to negotiate a payment plan with me, the best place to begin is with what you CAN offer. I am not going to give you a harvest. I am going to teach you how to grow your own food so you can have a harvest whenever you want. This begins with you taking responsibility from the very beginning for becoming an empowered can-do person.

Please Note: All payment plans will be at least 10% additional beyond the published rates, and more in some situations (please inquire). Agreements are very sacred to me and are essential to your ability to be a powerful manifestor. Payments must be made on time or will be subject to an immediate 10% late fee, with an additional 1% late fee for each additional day that the payment is late. All payments are non-refundable, so chronic late payments (more than two late payments) will result in forfeiture of the tuition already paid and the rate for the program you selected will no longer be guaranteed. It is essential for the quality of our relationship that you keep your agreements with me.

2. You will have no credibility with me if you have not already committed to getting the most out of my lower priced options. This means please purchase and How to Attract Money and the Gold membership on this site before you contact me. If you’re not willing to do that first, you have not displayed the level of commitment and respect for my time that I require before considering a payment plan. (Notice how many excuses come up for you here, and again how they are not really about the money — you see, it has nothing to do with money.)

3. If you are offering any kind of “trade,” please know that these are disfavored unless they have measurable cash value. This is not a charity, it’s a business, and I am going to be giving you substantial value through this coaching. If you don’t have money, it’s because you need to learn the skills for creating win/win arrangements in life. There are lots of things you can do to help me, such as posting links to this site around the internet and promoting my products as an affiliate, coordinating tele-seminars, etc., that require no money out of your pocket. But it is extremely rare that I will accept a trade unless you can show me its measurable cash value – you can always become a member and affiliate of this site and make money that way to pay for my programs and products. (Notice again how many excuses come up for you here, and again how they are not really about the money — you see, it has nothing to do with money. Money is NEVER the real reason – the real reason is FEAR of some kind, and you don’t do yourself any favors by keeping that fear.)

Now if you qualify under ALL THREE of these requirements, then and only then, I welcome your proposals for a payment plan for personal coaching, and you can contact me through my coaching pages.