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What better way for you to understand the benefits of 15-Week Miracle Coaching Programthan by hearing Ivan, one of my clients who has finished the program, share about his experience in his own words on video? :)
When I talk about how Holistic Belief Reprogramming often pays for itself, this is exactly what I’m talking about …

Here are more testimonials and reviews for Erika Awakening Coaching and Products:

“I HIGHLY recommend Erika as coach for your financial/business growth!”

“I HIGHLY recommend Erika as coach for your financial/business growth. Only after two sessions with her, working on my financial beliefs, I went from not taking my business (which was just a website at that time) seriously, to having an idea for an amazing product, my first paying clients, two potential (and most probably certain) joint ventures and a much greater confidence in my services. I’m SURE within a short time I (and also you, if you decide to work with Erika) will start making BIG money, something I have not imagined doing only a few weeks ago.”

– Ivan from Germany

“Thanks for being a huge part of why I’m where I am today!”

“It’s exciting that the studio is doing so well… a lot of it I think is because of the work that you and I did together over the past year. It’s incredible how far my life has come in that time. Thanks for being a huge part of why I’m where I am today! You’re the best!”

– Emily from the United States

“Watching my life change before my very eyes!”

“Hi Erika!  It’s been a fantastic last couple of days! At the risk of sounding a tad cliche, I feel like I am watching my life change before my very eyes, day by day. Not necessarily as a measure of external ‘deeds’ or what may you have, but merely by how I *feel* and perceive the world around me. Just the other afternoon I felt pretty much like being in love… except with no one in particular. Just life, in general. :)”

– Diego Jimenez from Stockholm, Sweden

“Erika helped me shift my energy!”

““Erika is an amazing EFT (tapping) Practitioner. She is compassionate, intuitive and non-judgmental. I love working with Erika, she is so easy to be with. She has really made a huge difference for me. I was feeling stuck, thinking about things I wanted to do in my business but not taking action. Erika helped me shift my energy, and now I am finally doing workshops and teleclasses … I had been thinking about doing these for the longest time! Thank you so much Erika, you rock!”

– Kate Winch from San Francisco, California, USA

“Amazing results!”

“Addressing the things we did during the session gave me some weird/intense power & ability to go out solo and approach every set [of women] in the five bars I went to and get amazing results. I had no idea your session would have been that intense and helpful.”

– Joe Powers from Charleston, South Carolina, USA

Here are more testimonials and reviews for Erika Awakening Coaching and Products:

“Learning to be my true self all over again!”

“I took [the 15-Week Miracle coaching program] with Erika.  …  We cleared just about EVERYTHING that was blocking me.  Now I’m just learning to be my true self all over again.  If you’re on the fence and you want to know more about my experience working with Erika, let me know.  She knows what she’s doing.”

– Jason Miller from San Diego, California, USA

“A few days later my income went up by 16.5%!”

I was interested in learning Erika Awakening’s secrets, because I wanted to try them on both myself and my future clients, so I asked if she could teach me the principles of her coaching. Erika then designed the “15-week Miracle Course,” and we started having one session every week. After a few weeks I felt comfortable helping others solving conflicts, becoming more compassionate and erasing limiting beliefs, using both EFT and NVC (Non-Violent Communication).

During the course, Erika and I did a lot of tapping on my own issues, one of them being finances, and a few days later my income went up by 16.5%!

We also managed to change some situations in my life that I was not satisfied about, and the results came surprisingly fast! Another issue was my limiting beliefs and insecurity about being sociable and getting new friends, and in just a matter of days after we tapped on that, I experienced that my social life turned around!

If you are a coach/therapist or want to become one, I can recommend Erika Awakening’s 15-week Miracle Course. It was well worth the money (by manifesting more money the course has actually paid for itself!) and you’ll get valuable skills that you can use in so many situations!

– Fred R. from Europe

“Truly Tough and Truly Love!”

“Erika, I feel great. Had an awesome night last night and met an amazing girl. This is so interesting now. I am making a choice. Thank you. What you did on the last sessions has freed me. You are so strong, you don’t flinch an inch even when I had a breakdown like I did a week ago. I have learned the value of that. Truly tough and truly love. Send you lots of love back.”

– Tom from Germany

“Profound healing effect!”

“I have done a lot of therapy over the past couple of years (EFT, emoto-somatic release, talk therapies of various kinds, CBT) but one session with you has had a profound healing effect that none of the other modalities achieved.”

– Lisa from Canada

“You have truly created a miracle and you have literally saved someone’s life!”

Hey Erika,

Some more good news that your stuff works: …

I’m usually very stiff, self conscious, quiet, serious, in the background, insecure, invisible and not very likable or approachable….but not last night…not the past two weeks… not anymore baby…spontaneity, popularity, likability, transparency….I finally get it..I finally understand HOW to be that popular guy I’ve always wanted to be.

So this problem I had, of going through the world frustrated…not being able to connect with anyone..always feeling left out, invisible and melting into the background…oh my god…I actually believe I can say those days are finally over..for the past two weeks I have been living the social life I have only dreamed and ached for for most of my life….after trying everything…and then some….Erika …that Erika….you finally helped me do it… you finally helped me understand HOW to get what I want….you are the only one on the PLANET who solved my apparently impossible problem….

Before you, I had tried everything and everyone….You were my last hope and last attempt..I was so tired of getting my hopes up and getting disappointed by people who claimed they could help me, but they didn’t follow through….My heart was broken and I was really ready to give up…taking your 15 week program was literally my last attempt…I said to myself…if this doesn’t work..I’m done..I’m going to give up…I can’t handle the pain of being disappointed anymore…

But thankfully this story has a happy ending… my whole reality has literally changed.
All the people around me have literally changed I used to live in a cold, lonely hostile world. Now my world is friendly, helpful and inviting I used to live through hate and fear.Now I am living through love and peace.

Now I know why it’s called the [15-Week Miracle coaching program] … You literally do create miracles.

Rose, who knows me better than anyone, told me this morning, that she absolutely couldn’t believe what she saw yesterday; that I was a completely different person all together. She had no idea I could be that outgoing, friendly, social, fun, crazy guy, comfortable in a group of people I just met; and connecting with everyone. If that’s not evidence of change for you..I don’t know what is:).

Trying to express the extent of my gratitude towards you and how you have literally changed my life will only fall short through words….so just know you have truly created a miracle and you have literally saved someone’s life…

…more importantly….you have improved the lives of every single person I will ever come into contact with…because, before I was spreading hate and pain to everyone, where-as now I spread only love.

I really hate reading those testimonials where people say, “xyz program changed my life!”…but I have to say Erika…after 15 weeks … you have literally changed ME and consequently my life.

God Bless You.

– John from Canada

Here are more testimonials and reviews for Erika Awakening Coaching and Products:

“For the first time in 5 years I feel happy, positive, inspired, motivated and have faith in myself!”

Hi Erika,

Just a quick email to give you a HUGE THANK YOU for everything you have helped me with so far, in your Miracle Coaching Program.

In one short month, I have gone from being severely depressed and hopeless, to excitedly jumping out of my bed every morning in sheer excitement.

For the first time in 5 years I feel happy, positive, inspired, motivated and have faith in myself. I know I can do anything; I literally feel unstoppable. You have reignited the fire inside of me that I thought had died for ever.

After 5 futile years of searching for solutions to my problems, attending pickup courses, seminars, reading countless books & watching countless DVD’s, getting one-on-one coaching with the top pickup instructors in the world; NOTHING and I mean NOTHING helped me even 5% as much as you have helped me in the past 4 weeks alone.

I think you could charge double what you are charging and it would still be worth it
1. You saved me lots of time where as other coaches & products wasted it (Time is the most precious thing there is.)
2. By helping me get out of my own way so quickly, I know I am going to make a TON of money this next year to come:)

After 5 years of hopelessness, insecurity and countless disappointments, I just want to say once again, from the bottom of my heart, thank you…

– J.T. from Canada

“I reached my goal for the week of making $3000!”

Hi Erika, First of all Thank you for taking the time to do the EFT session with me. I just realized how much you put yourself out there during the session. To feel what the client feels being there Fully Present. Wow! What HEART!  …

Also wanted to update you, I did the recorded EFT tapping session 2x and while doing it, I felt nauseous and even threw up. Yet my throat feels much more clear. Also did the Abundance Audio Tapping (Finally listened to it fully since I purchased it months ago lol).

And well I’m sure it was a combination of both just wanted to inform you that I reached my goal for the week of making $3000 [EA note: more than triple his previous weekly income and the goal he set for his session with me]. Almost seems surreal. And just a ‘coincidence’ yet I feel there was more to this than what my logical mind is trying to make of. Thank you.

– J.D. from California, USA

“It’s not often I’m really amazed by tapping these days, but seriously – wow!”

Hi Erika,

Just thought I’d update you after our session yesterday [week #3 of Erika’s signature 15-Week Miracle coaching program].

It’s not often I’m really amazed by tapping these days, but seriously – wow!

I’m re-doing my CV just now and I’ve almost redone the entire thing in an hour where previously I couldn’t seem to get started at all! And it felt ridiculously easy to do! And I’m really happy to say that for the first time in years I’ve got that lovely feeling of excitement when I look at it, like “how could they not want to hire this guy!” LOL so thanks a lot!

After we hung up the call yesterday I [followed your advice about what to tap on next].

This seems to have massively helped today as not only have I done the work on my CV but I’ve also been markedly more productive with my studies and other general tasks today, which is fantastic! :)

– Ben

“Welcome and calming news!”

“Tenant Success – Thank you! I just had to follow up with you and tell you that within days of doing tapping HBR as you suggested, I had a new tenant. Not only that, my rental management company came up with a plan for having the tenants sign a longer lease which means that I will know the place is full for a period of time. With the present economic challenges around, this is welcome and calming news for us.”

– Colleen M.

“I made some powerful breakthroughs during my call with Erika!”

I had an EFT phone session with Erika to deal with a heartbreak over a relationship ending. When we started the call, I was just deeply depressed and feeling hopeless about my history with women and my prospects at any future romance. She started by asking questions about my story and listened actively and patiently as I tried to pinpoint what it was I was actually struggling with about my breakup. At every point in the conversation, she was compassionate, patient, and present with me.

We started the EFT process and headed into some pretty intense (but long forgotten) events from my childhood. She helped to bring to light how I have been reliving the same harmful patterns in my life with women that started when I was a child. It was rough, with lots of tears and difficult realizations, but Erika created a safe place for me to explore these issues and we tapped through it until I felt lighter, clearer, and more hopeful. In the days that followed our session, I found myself feeling more and more hopeful that I could finally let go of these life long patterns. I have more work to do and will continue tapping myself but I really feel I made some powerful breakthroughs during my call with Erika.

I HIGHLY recommend trying EFT phone work with Erika. Her focus and expertise coupled with her compassion and intuition make her a wonderful EFT (tapping) practitioner and she is uniquely qualified to help with dating/relationship issues. I know I will be back to work with her again.

Thanks Erika!

– M. from Seattle, Washington, USA

Here are more testimonials and reviews for Erika Awakening Coaching and Products:

“Cleared out a lot of my fears and frustration!”

“Erika – you really are amazing, I feel great today!  I feel like I’ve cleared out a lot of my fears and frustration yesterday and I woke up with a great mood this morning.  Thanks so much!”

– Linda from San Francisco, California, USA

“The guidance that Erika is offering is currently the best out there!”

I just had a session with Erika, and let me tell you, as someone who has listened to so many [dating coaches’ advice], that the guidance that Erika is offering is currently the best out there. No one in the community, really knows how to change one’s belief system. Do you believe a few pick up lines and routines, can compensate for a wounded soul? I certainly tried, with no success at all. You have to release your internal conflict and trauma, and Erika is the best person to help you do that.

I was first a bit skeptical, to be truthful, about anyone’s ability to find the core reasons for my problems with dating and relationships. Erika helped me remember meaningful experiences in my childhood, and even gave me tips for doing it myself. I highly recommend you take sessions with her, you can’t possibly be disappointed. I’d like to thank Erika for her professionalism and her honest wish to help other people.

– Randy

“My life changed in one hour!”

HBR with Erika was amazing! My life changed in one hour. I felt giddy with joy coming out of the session. I felt so free and open. I simply was not as afraid… of… things I didn’t realize before… like the people I saw walking down the street. I was able to look them in the eye, and the thoughts I heard were GOOD instead of threatening. My relationship with my family improved. I was able to stand up for myself more, and be more honest. I have also become exponentially more successful at EFT (tapping) on my own. This has changed my life and I am ready for the adventure. Thank you Erika!”

– Daria from the Bay Area, California, USA

“I was able to have a conversation that I had been agonizing over for months … with virtually no anxiety!”

“I had been referred to Erika for HBR by someone who’s opinion I respect a lot, but to be honest, before the session, I felt doubtful about what HBR could do for me.  But in my first session with Erika, I felt surprised at how quickly she helped me touch on a deep childhood memory and help me clear the pain of it away.  After my session with Erika, that same day, I was able to have a conversation that I had been agonizing over for months.  I was able to speak from my heart, with virtually no anxiety.”

– Sandra from the United States

“Who knew connecting with people was so simple?”

Hey Erika,

Just wanted to give you a quick note while things are fresh in my mind.

Yesterday I went out … and for the first time in a looooooooooooooooong time … everyone really warmed up to me and seemed to genuinely like me and connect with me very easily.

It’s amazing that just by being genuine, kind and gentle how people open up to you and connect with you.

This is a huuuuuge change … usually I wouldn’t have connected with any of them because I would be trying to act all tough, indifferent, cool etc. …

So anyways … just wanted to give you a quick thank you :)

Who knew connecting with people was so simple ;) lol

You are beyond awesome, my magical friend :P

Thanks for your help.

– John from Canada

Here are more testimonials and reviews for Erika Awakening Coaching and Products:

“Pretty miraculous events!”

“Erika must have done some voodoo on me, because I have girls hitting me up and inviting me to concerts, coming up at dances and dancing with me. These are some pretty miraculous events ;)”

– Alex Q. from the United States

“I have never felt so intuitively ‘seen’ and affirmed!”

“Erika, thank you so much for offering your amazing gifts, I have never felt so intuitively ‘seen’ and affirmed as in our session yesterday; was a lot of fun, too!  Glad I listened to my intuition!  Here’s to love and abundance for all!  Really feeling positive shifts happening, already today.  Lighter, clearer, ready to keep building on what we started yesterday.”

– Shaikh Jalal Ahmad from San Francisco, California, USA

“Afterwards I told Erika that she could have charged me wayyyy more for what I got out of it.”

“I had an ongoing personal crisis in my life, and it reached a climax. I touched the bottom. I talked to everyone for help and looked for help in places I never looked before. Many people listened, yet didnt really help. And a few other people, who I gave my all into helped me in more ways than I expected. Erika is one of those people…. probably the biggest one.

“I wasn’t doing EFT (tapping) for meeting girls. I was doing it with her for meeting myself. And what to do with myself. I think being a more radiant and honest and positive person gets more girls as a byproduct of those things. Like if you are only being ‘honest’ (direct) to get [girls] … then are you being honest?

“One of the reasons I thought Erika might be able to help me is because I find a lot of the things and ideas she holds on her blog to be disputable. Thats why I asked her for help.

“Afterwards I told Erika that she could have charged me wayyyy more for what I got out of it. What she does with EFT (tapping) will very much help you with women, but helping yourself with being a person comes first.”

– Harry from the United States

“So much is opening up for me!”

“The universe is an amazing place and so much is opening up for me [after completing the 15-Week Miracle coaching program].  And I get to tap on any limiting beliefs that come up!  Lol.”

– Shane from Canada

“Direct, immediate results”

“I’ve been through extensive personal development seminars, including almost everything that [a leading global transformation company] has to offer, and can honestly say that nothing thus-far has been as laser-focused as your session at Vince Kelvin’s seminar (in terms of direct, immediate results).”

– Steve from California

“I’ve gotten more than my money’s worth”

“I’ve gotten more than my money’s worth [from your 15-Week Miracle coaching program] because you didn’t give me a fish. You taught me how to fish.”

– Ben from the United Kingdom

“The true Jedi training academy”

“I finished 15-Week Miracle Coaching Program. Many miracles and amazing things happening, and lots of great wonderful things for the future. Erika is an amazingly insightful, loving and most of all tolerant person. Many times as one of her other clients said, it felt like I was her only client. She was always answering e-mails, texts and even integrating things that are way out of the scope of coaching. Never have I encountered another coach who has given me this much one-on-one attention. She runs the true Jedi training academy. Literally, if someone came to me and said you could only coach with one person EVER anymore, it would be Erika hands down.”

– Alexander Rose from Maryland, United States

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