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Special Offers and Promotions: Learn Our Advanced Emotional Freedom Technique EFT Tapping System and Save Big


Help Us Create the 30-Day Worthy of Money (Without Working for It) Challenge – Product Will Be Created ONLY If We Have A Sufficient Number of Pre-Sales

anger managementLet’s be honest: are you tired of this pesky belief that you “have to work” to make money?

anger managementWish you’d been born a “trust fund kid” but have no idea how you’re going to escape the “daily grind”?

anger managementWould you like to remove the subconscious limitations that are keeping you WORKING HARD for money, or not having the money and freedom you want at all?

anger managementWould it be nice for money to show up in unexpected ways (or for bills to disappear) without having to do anything other than tap and change your belief system and follow any intuitions that arise?

It was questions like these that inspired me to want to create the 30-Day Worthy of Money (Without Working for It) Challenge. Thirty powerful EFT tapping videos dedicated to freeing our minds from the deeply-ingrained belief that we have to “do something” to deserve money, whether it’s working at a job or actively selling all the time … or anything else.

Now, as those of you who have been using my highly effective products for a while know, active engagement with the transformation process on your part is absolutely ESSENTIAL for best results. And on my part, it also requires a great deal of WORK to create a 30-Day Challenge (by the time I record the videos, transfer, edit, process, upload, and serve the videos … many hours of work).

So I am only going to move forward with the creation of this tantalizing 30-Day Worthy of Money (Without Working) Challenge if we have enough pre-sale interest … that way, you can get actively engaged in the process now. As you know, your transformation often begins with your investment and commitment. You’ll also get the added benefit of being able to make suggestions for the videos before they are created (the sooner, the better).

I would like to start creating this soon if I’m going to do it, so please join the pre-sale by no later than Friday July 11

So here are your two options if you’d like me to create this new product:

1. Get the 30-Day Worthy of Money (Without Working for It) and the 30-Day Worthy of Love Challenges on pre-sale now, which gives you 50% off on the second challenge. This is the best price that will be offered on this set:

All EA products are non-refundable UNLESS Erika cancels the project, in which case she will email you.

– OR –

2. Get the 30-Day Worthy of Money OR the 30-Day Worthy of Love Challenge (choose one of the two) on pre-sale:

All EA products are non-refundable UNLESS Erika cancels this project, in which case she will email you.

Please purchase by Friday July 11 so I can get this product rolling. All of my products and services are non-refundable. The only exception with these is that you will be offered a refund if I cancel the project. And we don’t want me to cancel the project, do we? Because this Challenge is going to rock :) So let’s get those pre-sales rolling in now. Thanks for your support and understanding :)

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