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Whatever your current frustration, if it has an emotional component (and I guarantee you it does), YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT PLACE.

(Please note: I have clients all over the world … we can work together no matter where you are so long as you have an internet, Skype, or telephone connection. We are very flexible with Beginner EFT Tapping Coaching with Erika Awakening).

My revolutionary system of Holistic Belief Reprogramming (HBR) will give you dramatic and rapid results for issues such as:

  • Stress relief
  • Getting rid of pesky “limiting beliefs” that sabotage your confidence and results
  • Eliminating “neediness”
  • Erasing anxiety, including approach anxiety, social anxiety, and public speaking anxiety
  • Feeling more confident and relaxed
  • Unloading emotional baggage so you can begin a new job or new relationship with a CLEAN SLATE
  • Discovering your true life purpose
  • Making more money doing what you love
  • And the list goes on and on …

Goals that seemed impossible are now within reach.

Tasks that seemed difficult become easy.

Patterns and interpersonal conflicts that seemed “stuck” and beyond hope get resolved easily and effortlessly.

Because I have practiced HBR for years, worked with hundreds of people, and devoted myself to creating this comprehensive and holistic system, a few HBR sessions with me will save you months IF NOT YEARS of effort. I see the same patterns with clients over and over again, and I have developed SECRET SHORTCUTS to get you unstuck and on your way to living a spectacular, unlimited life.

Please take the time to read some of my clients’ testimonials as part of your discovery process.

Get started with your 80-minute 1-on-1 Intro Session here (make sure to read the terms and conditions below, and all sales are non-refundable):

Intro session (new clients only) – $1497

  • 80-minute personal Skype session custom tailored for YOU. I will apply HBR intuitively to your particular situation (I invite you to email me details beforehand so we can make your session as efficient as possible).
  • This session includes a FREE audio recording ($97 value) so you can listen over and over and tap along for added benefit

To ensure your commitment and best results, all payments are NON-refundable.


(By signing up for ANY coaching package, you agree to the terms and conditions on this page, including the Refund Policy, so please read them carefully before your purchase. Please also note that I have a 48-hour cancellation policy. If you do not cancel/reschedule your session at least 48 hours before the appointed time, the session will be forfeited. My schedule is so busy right now that this is the only way for me to have a workable business model, so thanks for your understanding.)

People’s issues vary greatly in complexity. The best way for me to assess which extended package is best for you is to talk with you one on one. Please sign up for my Intro session. You can tell me EVERYTHING that is going on in your situation, and I will tell you EXACTLY how we are going to solve your problem.

Refund policy: Please understand that by signing up for one of my programs, you are making a FIRM COMMITMENT. Introducing ANY form of doubt or hedging into this process will only hurt your results. I am 100% committed to your success. Coaching fees are not refundable for ANY reason. If you don’t keep your commitments to our agreement, all funds paid will be forfeited to me. THAT is how important it is for your success that you make a sacred commitment.

To Your Success,

Erika Awakening, High Priestess of Miracles here at TAPsmarter

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Important Disclosures

I am not a therapist. I do not follow social rules or “shoulds.” I have highly attuned intuition (some might characterize it as wisdom that comes “through me” rather than “from me”). That intuition provides the guidance for our sessions. Very frequently, we are able to resolve issues in my HBR sessions that were resistant to every other form of coaching, therapy, and self-help. Although tapping has helped thousands of people and often exceeds expectations, exact results vary from person to person. Some issues can be resolved in one session. Other issues are much more complex and will require numerous sessions to be fully resolved. In addition, the exact results also depend on YOU. Your level of motivation, commitment, and willingness to get outside your comfort zone are going to have a significant effect on your results. If you have questions about my intuitive assessment about the complexity of your particular situation, please email me at (please ONLY do this if you are serious about signing up for a session or package with me).

I have no formal medical training. Complementary healing arts such as EFT/tapping do not require a license under California law, and EFT/tapping is not a substitute for traditional medical care. Those of us who use the acupressure-based technologies of EFT/tapping in our practice encourage you to get regular medical exams and consult your physician about medical issues.

NOTE: I use my version of EFT/tapping, which I’ve developed by applying EFT/tapping to hundreds of issues with extraordinary results. I admire the work of EFT founder Gary Craig but am not affiliated with him in any way. My Holistic Belief Reprogramming system is an entirely new method for achieving even more rapid results than EFT/tapping by itself.

By accessing this website, you agree to my coaching policies and the Terms & Conditions of my websites.


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