The 30-Day Becoming Fearless Challenge

Welcome to the 30-Day Becoming Fearless Challenge


becoming fearlessThe Becoming Fearless Challenge is an exciting new EFT tapping video project by Erika Awakening that is being filmed on location on the beaches and in the jungles of beautiful Costa Rica. This product is currently being offered at a discounted price on PRE-SALE. The EFT tapping videos will be uploaded around the end of May 2013. You can get the pre-sale discount and be among the first to get access to this exciting product by purchasing here now:

All Erika Awakening products are non-refundable to ensure your commitment and greatest results in the program. Thanks for your support :)

Day 1 – Intro to the Fearless Challenge

Recorded after returning from the trip!

Day 2 – Clearing A Bunch of Fears Before the Trip Began

(recorded in San Francisco)

Day 3 – Letting Go of Fears of Physical Harm

(recorded on location in Costa Rica, as are the rest of the videos here)

Day 4 – Erasing Fear of Meeting New People

Day 5 – Releasing More Fears of Physical Harm

Day 6 – Letting Go of Fears About Our Physical Capabilities

Day 7 – Clearing Fears About Love Relationships

Day 8 – Releasing Fears of Being Alone

Day 9 – Erasing Fears About Communication

Day 10 – Clearing Fears of the Unknown

Day 11 – Becoming Financially Fearless

Day 12 – Letting Go of Fears of Aging

Day 13 – Releasing Fears of Being Vulnerable

Day 14 – More for Becoming Fearless About Being Vulnerable (Sexual Vulnerability)

Day 15 – Clearing More Fear of Vulnerability

Day 16 – Releasing More Fear About Being Vulnerable

Day 17 – More Vulnerability Fear Clearing

Day 18 – Clearing A Variety of Fears

Day 19 – Erasing Fear About Relationships

Day 20 – Dead Cow Metaphor

Day 21 – More Tapping About the Dead Cow

Day 22 – Addressing A Variety of Fears

Day 23 – Again Addressing A Variety of Fears

Day 24 – Fear of Things Being Too Easy

Day 25 – Fear of Losing Our Mojo

Day 26 – Fear About the Future

Day 27 – Fear of Spending Money

Day 28 – Fear of Compromise

Day 29 – Fear of Not Reaching Our Potential

Day 30 – Concluding Session